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With so many new restaurants, culinary spots, markets, and happening places coming up in Jakarta, sometimes it’s hard to choose where to go. But, what if I tell you there is a new market which offers extensive selections of F&B, fashion, and hobbies in one place?

Welcome to PASARMOI, a new business unit located on Lower Ground level of Mall of Indonesia (MOI) Kelapa Gading, which has just celebrated its Grand Opening on 16th May 2016!

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PASARMOI occupies more than 4,000 sqm area, which is divided into blocks, where you can find LOTS and LOTS of food (and beverages), fashion, accessories, and many other things. We had the opportunity to visit this marvelous market on its first opening day but we were surprised to see the crowds, it was crazy I must say!

With the theme of “New Experience of Modern Market”, the design is inspired from modern market with international atmosphere, while the local ambiance is still well-maintained.

There are many accesses to PASARMOI from many entrances in MOI, which is so good. I think I had only been in MOI once in my life time, when it was just about to open, probably around 2009 or so. And what I remembered about this mall is that it is VERY HUGE and it takes time to walk around. So, when coming here this time, I had to pay better attention to the sign and didn’t want to get into the mall the wrong way. Luckily, the signs are clear, and it’s reachable right from the basement where we parked our car at, so thanks to whoever put the sign (literally) everywhere!

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First thing first, saw this amazing crowd in front of this “stand” which is apparently named SHIGERU, a Japanese fresh deli selling sushi, kushi katsu, satsuma-age, robatayaki, donburi and many others. Heard that it is similar with the same place (with different name) in AEON Mall, famous for their cheap super affordable sushi: starting from IDR 3,000/piece.

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SHIGERU attracted the most attentions obviously and during our 3 hours visit to PASARMOI this time, we lost the battle! We returned to this place twice, only to see the same long queues and in the end, we only managed to grab some “leftovers” (the not-so-popular ones) rather than having to wait for them to restock at 5PM.

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Beside SHIGERU, there are so many options that are impossible to be mentioned one by one, but we tried some that we can recommend to you!

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Tongseng Domba IDR 60,000

Okay, honestly, I just tried this out of curiosity, and people can say curiosity kills the cat, that is how I felt that time. It was okay but the smell was overwhelming, it sickened me a bit. The mutton meat was softer and more tender than lamb, but less meaty with more fats. The broth itself didn’t really help reducing the smell because it’s considered light for a tongseng (IMHO).


 Oh, did I tell you? There is an area named Block A, they call this place a breakfast block because there is where all the stands serving breakfast from 7AM (everyday) exist. It seems to be our favorite because we find so many good food here! And remember, they open from 7AM so we can always have our breakfasts here!

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This first stop was awesome. We have never been in Bangka but heard that there are so many good food coming from this area, so it was a must try for us. Turned out that this “BangPa” offers mixes of Bangka and Palembang food, which are served with Bangka’s infamous spicy and sour soup (sup asam pedas). The result was simply a combination between Indonesian sayur asam and Thai tom yum soup, only this one actually was pretty sweet, in a good way. You can choose the meat/fish balls and noodle according to your liking.

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Next station was this yummy Mie Aceh, we opted for Mie Aceh Daging (IDR 28,000), the only one available because the other menu were already SOLD OUT! Amazing, isn’t it? It was probably only 2PM on weekday so you can imagine the crowd. Taste-wise, it was mild and lighter than the usual Mie Aceh that I like, but so spicy I love it!

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This probably needs no more introduction but well, don’t miss their pork and salted egg yolk bun for sure!


Spotted by Mr. K, this stand was outstanding because of the queue, compared to the other stands around it. Apparently, this Bakmi Terang Bulan is a branch of the famous noodle chain with similar name from Palembang, which has been around since 1943. Wow.

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We ordered this Bakmi Campur Pangsit Komplit with 4 toppings (chasiu, chicken, mushroom, minced pork) for only IDR 26,500 (!!) and we were soooo satisfied eating this! The noodle is chewy and oily, the toppings are well-seasoned but not too salty. We seriously need to come back for this.

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Not only food, there are many drinks stands as well and unlike the typical “trending” bazaars nowadays, you can find lots of “real” drinks and desserts without even having to make big holes in your pocket. *ahem*

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Tried this Ice Cream Roll (IDR 25,000) with Black Sakura flavor, 1 sauce (we picked Caramel) and 2 toppings (chose the chocolate sprinkles and Astor stick). It was alright, but we felt entertained watching the making process.

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And as if the selections can’t be more complete, we screamed in our hearts when we saw this RATI RATI cake shop there, too! In case you don’t know, RATI RATI is a Japanese patisserie brought from Japan and they have an outlet in PIK since 2012 serving Japanese roll cakes. The Executive Chef, Hiroyuki Ambo, is originally from Kyoto, an area famous for its sweet delicacies and desserts, was there too and we couldn’t resist buying few things after talking to him in person. XD


We decided to buy this limited edition Ange Sakura Roll (IDR 130,000) because we had never seen this before in PIK. Apparently, this is only available this time because the ingredients are directly imported from Japan during sakura season and it’s such a fortunate day for us to be able to grab it.


For limited time only, you can also enjoy many promotions in PASARMOI such as Sarapan Goceng (Breakfast for IDR 5,000), Employee Cashback, and Free Parking. All the information can be gained from the website, or you can follow the Instagram for current promos and competitions, where you can win tablet phone and shopping vouchers!

Congratulations PASARMOI for the opening and wish you the best of luck! See you!

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** This review is written based on our visit on 16 May 2016.


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