Although our blog started as a media to share about our culinary experiences, it’s hard to deny that culinary is indeed strongly attached to traveling, in general. Both I and Mr. K are quite similar in a sense of liking not-too-mainstream places to explore. For us, traveling is something we really enjoy, but since it’s a bit challenging to spare the time, sometimes we prefer closer places for short getaways.

We are residing in Jakarta at the moment, and although there are so many places to visit around here, we usually picked the destinations that can be reached by car. In this situation, our decision mostly goes to Bogor, as it is located quite near from Jakarta, and we can already experience the different atmosphere and surrounding. Not mentioning that culinary scene in Bogor is worth exploring and considerably cheaper than Jakarta, too!

Our last memorable visit to Bogor was few months ago, when we stayed overnight at one of the resorts there. It was only a 2D1N stay but it was amazingly rejuvenating and we felt so refreshed coming back to Jakarta. We also managed to visit some restaurants and local culinary spots there, but my heart is totally taken by the durian ice cream! Never found a similar one in Jakarta, yet.

Another destination which seems to be very popular for Jakartans is definitely Bandung. For me personally, Bandung has never really been my favorite place because of the traffic. However, when I arrive there, I don’t mind staying longer because the weather is colder than Jakarta and I simply love the vibrant, energetic vibe of the city. Different from Jakarta, Bandung has a much younger atmosphere, yet so historically interesting judging from the monumental buildings scattered around the city.

Due to the traffic, I prefer to stay at least for a night in Bandung rather than going back to Jakarta in the same day. Our last trip to Bandung was totally unplanned, so in the end we had to find hotels here using mobile phone and chose to stay at Holiday Inn Bandung. Located in Dago area, we couldn’t hope for better location and it was very convenient for us, especially when we needed to walk around to nearest shopping centers and culinary spots.


Although Holiday Inn Bandung is a bit old, but the reputation of this hotel brand is undeniably good. We didn’t experience anything bad during our stay and we simply loved the pool area.


Sometimes I wish that we can enjoy the hotel and facilities more, but a trip to Bandung will be wasted without some journeys related to nature! Okay, this might not be really “natural” but you get what I mean, okay? XD We brought the kids to Rumah Stroberi, or Strawberry House, where we can actually enjoy the concept of picking strawberries by ourselves in plantations provided there. Since it was a weekday, it was almost like a private farm where we could monopolize the whole farm by ourselves, LOL!

DSC_8630-1 DSC_8605-2

With everything that Bandung has to offer, we think that visiting the city is highly recommended if you want to experience a short getaway without even getting on the planes (from Jakarta). Besides, the Bandung air is hundred times fresher than Jakarta, so it’s good to give your lungs a break sometimes. Well, one thing I have in mind now, let’s go to Bandung again soon!

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