Last time when I went to Mall Alam Sutera, I decided to stop by this cute cafe named Gyokuro, self-claimed green tea specialist cafe. I have seen several photos on Instagram about the this place and always wanted to visit but you know, living in South Jakarta, sometimes I feel lazy to go to far places as I can’t stand the traffic jams. Being a super fan of green tea, Mr. K kinda influenced me (in a good way) about green tea and I like it more than anything now. XD So a visit to this place is a mandatory because I was still searching for great green tea specialized places in Jakarta. Of course we all know the popular Shirokuma but we think their green tea stuffs are just decent but not special. So, is Gyokuro better? Let’s find out!

The place is small, but they still have some tables, so it is okay. The menu is surprisingly quite a lot, from drinks (hot/cold), frappe, ice cream, frozen yogurt, even mochi. And prices range from IDR 8K – 35K only. The menu offers good selections of enjoying green tea in many ways.

I tried some green tea, (well, probably all types they serve XD) and personally I like their green tea stuffs more than the other cafe. The taste is stronger, with light sweetness and hint of bitterness, the ice cream especially, has thicker texture that I enjoyed much.
Green Tea Ice Cream (Cone) IDR 10K

Ma Matcha Parfait IDR 35K
Glad to find parfait menu, and since I wanted to enjoy real matcha stuffs, I ordered this one. Served in a bigger, tall glass, the parfait can be easily shared for 2-3 person. It has some layers like regular parfait, from corn crisps, black grass jelly, red bean, mochi, ice cream, and astor sticks. This is really satisfying and I will definitely go back for some more!

For the Ice Cream/Froyo stuffs, we can choose between Single (with free 1 topping) and Couple (with free 2 toppings), and for the ice cream we can choose plain, green tea, or twist. Topping selection is a lot: strawberry, kiwi, nata de coco, aloe vera, peach, longan, lychee, coffee jelly, mochi, oreo, red bean, brownies, rainbow cake, strawberry jam.
Ice Cream Single with Rainbow Cake IDR 15K

Ice Cream Single with Brownies IDR 15K

Mochi IDR 5K (4 balls)
Very nice, sticky and chewy at the same time. No filling inside so it can be quite bland for some people.

Green Tea Frappe with Red Bean IDR 23K
Simply lovely! <333

Overall, glad that I finally had chance to visit this place and tried most of their menu already. Will definitely come back for another green tea fix!!

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