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“Nona Manis”, literally translated as “Sweet Missy”, is an Indonesian restaurant located at the Avenue of The Stars complex in Lippo Mall Kemang Village. Apparently, it is a branch of the same restaurant brand originated from Surabaya, East Java.

It had been long since the last time I went to this mall, I didn’t even notice that this restaurant exists in the first place. Although I visit Kemang area very often, but most all the time I look for dining places around the area, not inside the malls.

From outside, it doesn’t look big but once I walked in, I was surprised to see how spacious the dining area is, which is nicely decorated with modern and traditional Indonesian style. The place immediately made me feel comfortable, it looks simple yet elegant, not intimidating at all.

Beside the inviting atmosphere, I love how they put random traditional Indonesian arts or sculptures here and there, and from what I heard, it seems that those belong to the owner who happen to collect all those valuable stuffs.

My favorite is the beautiful women paintings on the wall. Check this out!

DSC_2809 DSC_2807 DSC_2812 DSC_2816

Nona Manis serves mainly Indonesian authentic cuisine from all over the country, but since the owner comes from Surabaya, East Java, they emphasize more on the dishes from East Java. According to Chef Eko, they also provide modern western food such as pasta and sandwiches for guests who prefer those. Simply said, there is always something for everyone who comes.

Price ranges from IDR 25,000 to 92,500.

Tahu Berontak IDR 27,500

Although these “tahu isi” (stuffed tofu) has been known as one of the most popular Indonesian snacks which can be found everywhere across the country, I bet you don’t really know where it is originated from. From what I searched, while “tahu isi” is probably coming from Sumedang, West Java; there are many versions of tahu isi and one of them, the so-called “tahu berontak” is actually originated from Lumajang, East Java.

The tofu are big and nicely deep-fried, creating a crispy outer skin and very soft inner side. Complimented with generous vegetables fillings and raw green chili, this seriously made me addicted since from the first bite! This is better eaten hot and if you dare, take one chunk and throw it into your mouth immediately. For people who don’t really fancy spicy food, you can take the chili out and still enjoy the tofu.


Sup Sum Sum IDR 92,500

This ox bone marrow soup is the signature dish of Nona Manis, basically a clear soup consisting of meat, sumsum, tomato, celery, and onion, served with rice.

From the serving presentation, it is already very attractive with the gigantic bone (and a straw) in the bowl with candle below it to preserve the heat. Even if you don’t know that it’s the signature dish, you’ll probably end up ordering it because you’ll be interested seeing the other table has it. XD

DSC_2758 DSC_2759

First of all, the clear soup is actually very tasty and super rich. It almost tasted like a broth but at the same time, very mild and calming. The usage of minimum ingredients such as tomato, celery and onions beside the bone marrow and meat, is totally perfect because there is no dominant taste, yet everything blends in very well together. For some people, the soup can taste a bit too mild, but with sweet soy sauce and squeeze of lime, I guarantee that you’ll get the best of it.

DSC_2749Wondered why there is a straw? You guessed it right, you can suck the bone marrow directly from the bone if you like. It was a new experience for me, although it was fun, the taste was just bland. But if eating it will help improving my brain function, maintaining my healthy bones, supporting immune systems and other health benefits, I don’t mind eating this!


Bebek Goreng MaduSura IDR 89,500

Crispy duck from East Java is simply the best! And here, they use Peking duck for the crispy duck, which was OH MY GOD SO DELICIOUS! Sorry for being overly enthusiastic here but honestly it was SO GOOD. The meat could be pulled off the bones effortlessly, and it has the best texture ever. <33

Served with rice, crackers and homemade mango sambal, this is definitely a MUST TRY!

DSC_2781 DSC_2789


For the drinks, Nona Manis offers quite big selection from fresh juices and soda drinks, as well as traditional Indonesian drinks. From 3 soda based drinks that I tried, I love all of them but my ultimate favorite would be the Bunaken Rhapsody (IDR 45K). Combination of tropical fruits like orange, lemon, guava and lime, the drink has a unique taste which reminds me of Fruit Punch from my childhood. The big serving size is like an icing on the cake, so that’s why I will 100% recommend you to try it.

Jazzy Lychee IDR 37,500


Bunaken Rhapsody IDR 45,000


Ambition Lime Square IDR 40,000


Es Cendol IDR 32,500

When dining in Indonesian restaurant, never forget an Indonesian drink or dessert to finish the meal. Surprise, surprise, Es Cendol is *still* the most recommended drink here. Again, I was impressed by how good the presentation is, especially the beautiful pandan leaf garnish! The cendol (colorful starched “noodle”) was soft, chewy, and fragrant. The jackfruit was sweet and served in big chunks, lovely! Last but not least, the palm sugar and coconut milk are very well-balanced resulting in a perfect es cendol drink. Simply said, I just can’t get enough of this.


Overall, Nona Manis is a good choice whenever you are craving for some delicious Indonesian cuisine. The only downside is probably the open space dining area, where there is no separation between smoking and no smoking area. As the restaurant is also targeted for families, I have heard some complains from parents who are concerned about that.


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Lippo Mall Kemang Village
Avenue of The Stars Complex Level UG
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 36
South Jakarta 12150
Phone. +62 21 2952 8481
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 10AM – 10PM