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Alcohol AvailableAround South JakartaBaby ChairIDR 100,000 - 250,000 / 2 paxJapaneseMall STC SenayanParking AreaRestaurant & CafeSenayan - SemanggiSmoking Area

Sumiya Japanese Restaurant, STC Senayan, Jakarta

Sumiya Japanese Restaurant is another authentic Japanese dining located inside the IT mall, STC Senayan. After I wrote my review about the “sister”, Naka Nakaya …

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Around South JakartaIDR 100,000 - 250,000 / 2 paxJapaneseMall STC SenayanRestaurant & CafeSenayan - Semanggi

Naka Nakaya 中中家 Tokyo Dining, STC Senayan, Jakarta

Naka Nakaya Tokyo Dining is a Japanese restaurant located inside the STC (Senayan Trade Center) building, and it’s fair to categorize this place into our …

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