With all the new cafes and restaurants coming up almost everyday in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area (don’t mind the hyperbole here..), and honestly, some of them sound just too good to be missed, so today I and the gang ‘attacked’ one of the newest (and hottest) cafe in the area, Cafe Shirokuma. The cafe offers selection of Japanese desserts, and being a fan of those, we immediately planned to visit this cafe as soon as we have chance. Shirokuma itself literally means “white bear” and the building’s roof is shaped like stacks of triangles with white bear face logo on top. Located inside the super packed Ruko Crown Golf complex, not-so-familiar guests like us had to take many turn backs, but here’s a hint for you, look for the white building just beside Han Ok Korean restaurant, it should be easier.

The place is relatively small, but they still managed to separate smoking and no-smoking area with a solid sliding door, neat! I don’t really expect much privacy when it comes to dine in North area, but this one is pretty acceptable. What I love the most was probably that the place has this simple, clean and organized feeling in it and I felt somehow comfortable and could stay longer than my usual visit to any place in PIK. Maybe because the cafe is still very new so everything still looks brand new and clean. 

Menu is quite good, beside desserts, they also serve food like JapaDog (Japanese Hot Dog), Shaka Fries, Popcorn Chicken; then for drinks, there are selections of tea, coffee, chocolate, matcha-based drinks, even beer. Prices range from IDR 15K – 60K only, which are quite affordable.
Matcha Anmitsu IDR 29K
Traditional dessert bowl with mochi, shiratama balls, chunky red bean, matcha jelly served with a side of brown sugar syrup. Was excited to see the cute wooden tray where they serve the bowl and separated shot glass for the syrup, uber cute!! The contents of the bowl were not sweet at all (except the red beans) and you can mix the brown sugar syrup altogether to enjoy it. Personally I loved everything in the bowl, especially the mochi and matcha jelly, they remind me so much of authentic taste of Japanese desserts. If you happen to be Taiwanese dessert bowl’s fans, the portion may disappoint you a little, although the quantity is good enough, a little bit more wouldn’t hurt, though. XD

Ice Matcha IDR 15K

Twist Soft Cream & Matcha Soft Cream IDR 15K each
Japanese soft cream is one of Shirokuma‘s specialties, and it is available in 3 kinds: Original Milk, Matcha, and Twist (mixed matcha and original milk). A lick and you’ll know they use real matcha (and pretty much of it) in the soft cream and I instantly fell in love with it. The soft creams were soft and addictive, especially the bitter sweet taste will make you ask for more! And the cutest thing is that they were served on the acrylic cones stand (you can also order the soft creams in cup if you prefer so!).

Twist Soft Cream

Matcha Soft Cream

Matcha Shiratama Float IDR 33K
Iced Matcha Latte topped with Soft Cream and shiratama balls. Didn’t try this but actually looked like a drool-able material, no?

Mochi Waffle IDR 40K
First of all, I don’t know why this is called Mochi Waffle, because there is no mochi involved in this dish. The waffle is supposed to come with brown sugar syrup too but we didn’t get any and I just noticed it now when looking at the menu. We can choose the type of soft cream that we want, and since I already ordered the other two, so I chose Original. The waffle was lovely but not crunchy at all, in fact it was kind of hard and a bit difficult to cut, even by knife. Not exactly my favorite and I think I can find much better ones than this with much cheaper prices somewhere else. FYI, in the menu the price is IDR 35K but the bill said IDR 40K, err.. XD

JapaDog Miso Mayo + Black Bun IDR 46K
Tried one of the savory menu, which in this case, only the JapaDog, fries and popcorn chicken were available for options. JapaDog looked so cute especially because I ordered the black bun replacing the regular ones, which is made from edible charcoal. According to our waitress, this one is the most recommended one for the JapaDog and I had big expectation on this. Turned out it was unreasonably salty, salty and salty. The sausage was nice, big and tasty, then bun was alright, but the hot dog was clearly over-seasoned. Both miso and mayo have really distinctive tastes and I don’t think it goes well together, but well, for the sake of experience.

Shaka Fries Plain IDR 21K
So the so-called Shaka Fries are regular fries that come with selections of seasoning mixes such as Shio Butter, Chili Salt, BBQ Chicken and Nori (with additional IDR 2K/seasoning). We had the plain one, because my nephew wanted it. I tried it and honestly, it was so tasteless, not even seasoned by salt, probably. So now you know, stay away from the plain one.

Shiratama Parfait IDR 35K 
Soft Cream layered with cornflakes, mochi, shiratama balls, chunky red beans and matcha jelly. I never can resist a parfait whenever I see them in the menu so there I had it again. Now that I am looking at all these pictures, I feel that my orders were kind of repetitive and actually many things were kinda similar. Nevertheless, the parfait was very nice closure to my Shirokuma’s experience and the additional crispy cornflakes just made everything even better. If you only want to order one thing beside the soft cream, I will recommend this one because there is everything already.

So technically, Cafe Shirokuma is still on its Soft Opening days (since June 28th) and they are currently having promotion of 50% discount for all desserts until July 6th. The only thing that I don’t like about visiting restaurants in their soft opening days is because sometimes I can’t really rely on the service. This place, however, was almost full-house during my visit this time (and FYI, it was only a lazy afternoon on Tuesday, imagine how it is on weekends!!), and the waitress who served our table was super friendly, fast and cheerful. I was truly impressed! Although I had some problem asking for my bill (slowness and non-attentive staffs alert!), overall, I had good dining experience in Cafe Shirokuma and now I have a favorite place to go whenever I crave for Japanese desserts! 😉

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
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Cafe Shirokuma
Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 32
Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)
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Ph. +62 21 2923 7523
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 11.00 – 22.00, Fri-Sun 11.00 – 24.00

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