Few weeks ago, when I wanted to visit Baconerie in Kemang, unfortunately it was closed that day so rather than going somewhere else, I entered this restaurant located just beside it, Cuadrilla. This restaurant has been operating since few months ago, serving Italian, Greek, and Spanish food – hence, the taglines: Ristorante, Taverna, Restaurante.

Going inside, the dining areas are separated into 2 floors, lower floor is smaller because there is kitchen, and upper floor is more spacious with better daylight access. The whole place is kinda decorated with Mediterranean-theme kitchen and dining room, which I think pretty nice and comforting.

Second Floor

Bar area on the second floor

Iced Tea IDR 17K

Cuadrilla Limoncello IDR 25K/shot
Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur from Southern Italy, made from zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons or Sorrento/Sfusato lemons. As usual, I ordered this purely because of my curiosity, and it turned out to be not so enjoyable lemon drink as it had this strong smell like I was drinking lemon-fragrant liquid soap or freshener. Probably not for everyone material but trying won’t hurt. It is available in quarter litre serving size for IDR 160K.

Complimentary Bread Basket
The bread was smelly and didn’t really have nice texture, but they are free. So I think I shouldn’t complain about it.

Risotto Ai Funghi IDR 62K
Risotto cooked with portobello and champignon mushroom, white wine and rich homemade chicken broth.
Actually when I stepped into the restaurant, I kinda had some hope for this place as the interior design was generally good, and considering its location in Kemang where it can be a good market for expatriates. When this risotto was served though, I was disappointed because it looked just terrible. Even the plate didn’t seem right, and the risotto was served messy. It was actually quite tasty and I could feel the “rich homemade chicken broth” but eventually I got fed up because it was too oily. Not something I would recommend.

Ciabatta with Tuna & Anchovies IDR 35K
Toasted ciabatta with tuna, anchovies and caramel spread.
The ciabatta wasn’t really ciabatta in the first place, but the tuna and anchovies made up for it. Plus, caramel spread wasn’t really dominating the taste, which was good.

Seafood Paella IDR 135K
A thin blanket of saffron-scented rice with a crackly, crunchi bottom crust, shredded with vegetables and fresh seafood.
For this price, I was expecting something bigger than the actual serving size, but the seafood were given quite generously, especially the prawns! The rice itself wasn’t exactly my favorite because it was too soggy and wet, but taste-wise, it was alright.

Pizza Quattro Formaggi IDR 59K
Topped with olive oil and four cheeses (ricotta, mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan).
Funny how I am not even a cheese person but I always enjoy cheesy pizzas! The pizza was okay with thin crusts and nice cheese toppings. But again, it was a bit too oily and after the second one, I was totally done with it.

Churros con Chocolate IDR 35K
The churros was sprinkled with sugar powder and served with melted dark chocolate sauce. It was served fresh and warm, with nice consistency and perfect crunchiness, only lacking of cinnamon taste. Dark chocolate was too runny but you can always drink that instead of using it as dipping sauce, LOL! Not the best I could find but is enjoyable enough.

Overall, I enjoyed the ambiance more than the food. And actually I have visited the place twice in the same week but these were what I ordered during my first visit. For a place in Kemang, this is probably not right, but I think its target is more into local people so you get the idea. However, it doesn’t mean that the place is bad, but don’t expect authentic tastes if you happen to stop by 😉
This bill is for 3 person.

*All prices are subject to 5.5% service charge & 10% government tax.

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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