Visited on: November 29, 2014

Last week I visited this trending cute restaurant in PIK (again) and although the name might sound new to us, the restaurant itself actually has been existing for quite some time. Formerly named as Kabocha, the restaurant in the same building with same menu, less than a month ago, they renamed the place to Shirayuki (means “White Snow” in Japanese) and added couples of dessert menu that are ready to rock!

Shirayuki is located inside the Ruko Emerald complex, the ruko area right after Food Plaza or opposite to Tzu Chi building. Not one of the most crowded 3 ruko complexes in PIK but finding it is not so difficult. 
The place is just like typical ruko building, the first floor is divided into two areas: the bigger outer area with nice daylight, the open kitchen for dessert, and a smaller inner area. It can be ridiculously packed during weekend so my advice is, if you can, avoid visiting during weekends. 

Snowflakes, snowflakes, everywhere!

Many people see from social media about Shirayuki and think that it is only a dessert place, but actually it is not. It offers many variety of food too, from pasta, gratin, even kushikatsu (Japanese-style of skewered, deep-fried kebab). Prices range from IDR 5K – 105K, it has so many selections that everyone in the family can enjoy 😉

Iced Ocha IDR 14K

Ocha will never disappoint, and this one from Shirayuki is definitely worth your money! They use original matcha powder directly imported from Japan, so what can I say? If you want something authentic, order this.


Kushikatsu is Japanese-style of skewered, deep-fried kebabs. They offer set menu, and basically ours is the Set C (IDR 40K) minus the chicken one. So for this set, supposedly I got chicken, beef, spicy lotus root, spicy shiitake chicken, and tomato cheese; 1 stick each. For a la carte order, it’s also available and the prices are different for each stick. 
Surprisingly the beef one was yummy, very soft and tender, the beef almost melted in my mouth and left a nice taste afterwards. Tomato cheese was fun and unique, but probably not everyone’s choice.
My ultimate favorite is the Spicy Lotus Root, the lotus root was HUGE and crunchy. However, I didn’t really taste the spiciness at all, probably because the spice wasn’t enough for such a huge lotus root. But I still enjoyed it!

Beef, Spicy Shiitake Chicken

Spicy Lotus Root, Tomato Cheese

Cabe Ijo Bianco IDR 41K

For the pasta, the first one which came to our table was this beautiful-looking pasta cooked with green chili and served with a half of lime. 
First of all, I & Mr. K are HUGE fans of green chili dishes and we couldn’t be happier when we saw this on the menu!
And…. the pasta was SUPERB
Like, seriously!!
It has a strong, spicy flavor that comes from the chili, the pasta was very well-cooked and it was almost al dente (a bit soft but okay), and it tasted even better with the squeezed lime juice! Some people may find this a bit too bold and spicy, but as I am writing this now, I find it suffering that I am craving for this so bad! XD

Hamburg Steak with Ebi Furai IDR 72K

Although this was lovely in presentation, it was my least favorite of the day. The hamburg steak were kind of breaking down and a bit too soft for me, and the fact that they are small and only come in 2 pieces didn’t help much. 🙁 
Served with french fries, 2 pieces of ebi furai, dry-looking corns, I was actually a bit confused which one is the star of the plate. However, the perfect sunny side up kind of consoling me a little bit.
Taste-wise, the hamburg steak were pretty much tasty and well-seasoned!

Salmon Cream Soup Spaghetti IDR 55K

Another impressive dish from Shirayuki, GEEZ, they really serve great food!
To be completely honest, Japanese-style pasta is never my thing, because I love strong and kicking tastes of herbs and spices used generously in Italian pasta. And correct me if I am wrong, Shirayuki gives me impression that they serve more Japanese-style pasta so don’t blame me if I was kinda skeptical when I looked at the bowl.
But boy, I couldn’t be more wrong! The pasta might look like it’s flooded with cream soup, but trust me, it was beyond delicious. The cream soup is one of the best I have ever eaten, with right thickness and tasty flavor that made me wanting to dig more. 
The salmon was fresh and smooth, perfectly combined with the creamy soup. An excellently executed dish in my opinion.

Crab Spaghetti in Tomato Cream Sauce IDR 65K
Red sauce pasta is not my favorite but hey, I can eat 3 plates of this alone.

The red sauce is not just another red sauce, it was enhanced with crab flavor, which I assumed coming from the way it is cooked. Perhaps they used the broth from water to boil the crab as one of the ingredients in making the sauce. It was great.
The crab itself was fresh and fragrant, brought a pleasant sensation when eaten. Love!

Bolognese Gratin IDR 38K

It was nice in a sense of texture and flavor, but I didn’t fancy the Bolognese. It was a bit too sweet for my liking and I could taste instant tomato sauce instead of natural ones. However, it was probably an easy choice if you bring kids around as this is usually popular with them 🙂

Manic Matcha with Matcha Ice Cream IDR 40K

You know, I could really go manic with all the matcha menu from Shirayuki. XD
FYI, they make the ice cream by themselves and those are seriously VERY GOOD!! This plate comes with matcha shaved ice, matcha ice cream, jelly, mochi, and red beans. It’s very refreshing and light, not some kind of desserts that will bring headache. I personally love every components they include on the plate.

Cheese Honey Toast with Chocolate Ice Cream IDR 39.5K

First of all, the honey toast is super thick yet soft! It can come with vanilla or chocolate ice cream, but we settled with chocolate one because I was told that they would make a bear with that. Honestly, the presentation is beyond cute, even adults shiver when we see this! 
I really love the honey toast, and not only I got the chocolate ice cream on top of the toast, there was also vanilla one by the side complete with cornflakes and strawberry. 
To cut things short, this is truly a sweet treat for everyone in the family and totally shareable! <333

Bailey’s Kanten IDR 36K

We were very excited (and ecstatic) to find the kanten (agar) on the menu because we didn’t expect to find something like this in Jakarta.
Basically this kanten menu is usually called “tokoroten”, with the kanten comes in kanten box (or “tentsuki” in Japanese) (which is then pushed forward to “grate” the kanten to become noodle-like shape), your preferred sauce and soft serve ice cream.
The kanten itself has no taste, that’s why it’s essential to choose the sauce (classic, Bailey’s, or matcha). You can choose to dip the kanten into the sauce, or pour the sauce into the grated kanten, completely up to your liking.
For the experience, it is good to order this. But for me, I would definitely need some other dessert to feed my inner child, ha!

Watanoki Matsuri Serene Blue (Blueberry) IDR 37K

For me, this is the ultimate attention stealer whenever this comes up on anyone’s table. It’s hard not to notice because the cotton candy is huge and comes with colors according to the flavors (white: original, orange: mango, pink: strawberry, blue: blueberry). 
Okay, I admit I picked blue because I saw 4 colors on the tables nearby and I decided blue one looks the best in photos. XD
The cotton candy is all homemade and has a thicker, heavier texture than usual cotton candy, so if you let it a little bit longer, it will fall down like threads of sugar. I know I don’t make sense with my words, but I think you get the idea. When eaten, it kinds of stick to the tongue, almost like caramel. If you ask me, it was nice, but I prefer the regular lighter, less sticky cotton candy.
The cotton candy (supposed to be a tree) comes with a plate of homemade warabi mochi, brown sugar syrup and soft cream. The warabi mochi was very nice and chewy, already has a little sweetness, which is good, because I could choose not to use the brown sugar syrup. Normally, eating warabi mochi is recommended with the syrup to give some sweetness because those mochi usually taste plain.

Premium Milky Viva La Cocoa Yukidaruma Matsuri IDR 58K

As people know mostly about Shirayuki is this infamous snowman ice plate that has been fulfilling trending posts in social media recently.
The snowman is built from shaved ice with marshmallow as the scarf and guess what -strawberry as the hat for Christmas edition, how cute is that?! 😉 
This version comes with jelly, mixed nuts, stuffed mochi (like the ones in Manic Matcha above), almond, and half of ice mochi. 
Because this is Viva La Cocoa version, I got a separated chocolate sauce to be poured onto the snowman. And it broke my heart when I watched the brown liquid ruining the white snowman’s body… *sniff*
But! The chocolate sauce is important because the taste becomes completely different with it. Honestly, this doesn’t only look cute, but is also very enjoyable to eat. Bravo!

Soft Serve Combo IDR 13K
And have I told you that Shirayuki has the nicest soft serve ice cream?

Not only the texture is right, they also have the first Kashoku variant, which is made from mixed Japanese nuts, which tastes FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL. That’s why I specifically ordered another soft serve combo (matcha + kashoku) in the end, although I was extremely full that time.

Shirayuki opens everyday from 12PM (except Thursday) and during weekends, it’s almost impossible to get a table if you come a little late than 12PM. I arrived at 12PM+ and some of the tables were already occupied, 5 minutes later, it was full house. And the waiting list was ridiculous. 
Currently they are preparing the second floor for smoking area, which hopefully opens for public soon. 
Shirayuki is not just another dessert place in town, it is much more than that. And this is not an advertisement but yes, I really recommend you all to try the food too beside the dessert, because I myself am greatly impressed.
Will I come back? Hell, YEAH.

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