Christian Sugiono? How come that name sounds familiar? Ah yes, he’s the husband of the stunning Indonesian actress Titi Kamal, the one I saw on Tukul Arwana’s “Bukan Empat Mata”. The show was helpful to me in learning Indonesian slangs such as “katrok” and “ndeso”. Anyways, he & his friends opened this sushi restaurant called “Sushi Miya8i” in Radio Dalam. I’d seen the place on multiple occasions, but only recently did I make it there on a very beautiful sunny afternoon, no less. Dining outside seemed to be a no-brainer.

Why they put an “8” instead of a more obvious “B” leaves it to our imagination.
The receipt says “Miyabi”, though.

Colorful Menu
Very simple & concise yet nicely done. At first I wondered if the choosing of names like “Seulawah” or “Harlinoto” had been random. Some of these names turned out to be the japanized versions of the owners’ names.

Ocha, Hot or Cold – IDR 5,000
Free refill, seriously. The waiters/waitresses never hesitated to refill our cups. Very nice.

Tuna Salad – IDR 15,000
The tuna tasted as if it’d come from a can. Small portion. The ginger dressing was pretty tasty, though.

Ori Baked Seafood – IDR 19,000
Baked seafood and mashed potatoes. Not bad but I’m not a big fan of this item since there are better items.

Chicken Katsu Curry – IDR 19,000
Nothing special here except for the size, which was quite big.
Miso Soup
This came with the above Chicken Katsu Curry, something I missed from the menu. With that price, it was a very good deal for the curry then.

Baked Crunchy Tuna Roll – IDR 28,000
Crunchy flakes and baked tuna rolled & topped with mango and spicy mayo. Add more mango and this would be more fantastic. 

Green Spider Roll – IDR 26,000
Rolled soft shell crab, kyuri (cucumber), topped with avocado & spicy mayo. Spicy mayo & mayo overwhelmed the other ingredients.

Teukuro Hot Unagi Roll – IDR 27,000
Chopped unagi rolled with sushi rice and deep-fried. Not so good, too oily.

Harlinoto Roll – IDR 27,000
Crab salad, kyuri, avocado, prawn rolled & topped with crunchy flakes.

Seulawah Roll – IDR 29,000
Baked salmon, crunchy flakes poured with spicy mayo. By this point I was pretty sick with the crunchy flakes and mayo.


First Impression:

Awesome hang-out place.
Wonderful on a sunny day or late-night. Can sit outside with friends and watch people. Kitchen opens until 10:45 PM on weekdays and 1:45 AM on weekends.
Standard items. Sushi: crunchy flakes, spicy mayo, crunchy soft shell crab, rinse & repeat. Some ingredients are overused. Too much fried stuffs. Acceptable for hang-out fast-food items.
Well-priced for a hang-out venue. < IDR 50,000 per person.
Definitely one of the bests. There were tons of waiters/waitresses who were actually not just standing around. They were very active (sometimes too active) taking out used plates and refilling empty cups. When some uninvited flies paid our table a visit, one waiter gave us a small candle to drive them away, without being asked! Whatever they do in training the staffs, there are doing a wonderful job. At the end of the meal, it started to pour, and again one waiter surprised me by offering another table away from the rain. Last but not least, we were escorted to our car with umbrellas, all initiated by the waiters. What a superb service!

Sushi Miya8i
Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan No. 21
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
+62 (21) 9156 9691