Kemang has always been one of my favorite areas in South Jakarta to find restaurants, cafes or dining places. It used to be the “it” area during my teenage years, and for me, nothing can beat it (yet) in term of finding good quality and hip places. Although nowadays people refer to Senopati area as their favorites in South Jakarta (which in opinion, is more about gaining social status than finding good places to eat *ahem*), I still pick Kemang all the way! To be honest, I am kinda bored with typical ridiculously unworthy mainstream restaurants in Senopati area (not everything, but you get the idea), and I go to Kemang instead. Usually I go there 2-3 times a week, sometimes more, and I am always amazed that everytime I go, I will discover a hidden gem and my bucket list seems endless afterwards!

This time I am writing about a kitchen and bakery which has just opened early September. Baconerie Kitchen & Bakery is located at Benda Raya street, just between Moe’s Steak and Cuadrilla. I personally love exploring through that street because it has so many options and usually I find many interesting shops, cafes or restaurants around there. The place is not big and spacious, just occupying one two-storey ruko (office house) with a counter and limited seats. As I am writing this, the second floor is not open for public yet but yes, they are planning to expand the seating area there including smoking area.
Baconerie serves western baked goods and American-style dishes, including burger, sandwich, snack bites, coffee, fresh juices, even all-day breakfast. Interestingly, they also serve homemade deli stuffs that can be enjoyed immediately or for take away. Prices for F&B range from IDR 20K – 120K.

Actually I had wanted to visit this place long time ago after I heard about the opening, but it was only this time that I could finally make a proper visit. Last time I went there, unfortunately it was closed because every month, they take one day holiday per week, and for October, every Monday they are closed. When I entered the place, I was welcomed with a very friendly and inviting atmosphere, together with lingering aroma of coffee. There is something about this place that made me feel comfortable almost immediately as I walked in.

They only have few menu printed on a single white paper clipped on a writing pad, but as I had just completed a satisfying lunch next door, I decided to try one main course, a snack, and some drinks. And of course, having a coffee is a must because the room smelled so good!
Arnold Palmer IDR 20K

This lemonade and house-blend ice tea is a great combination of aroma and taste. Rather than the casual lemon tea, this has stronger lemon taste, therefore it’s more appropriate to be addressed as lemonade. However, the tea had this vivid aroma that gave certain mix to the lemonade, and the big portion is just like an icing on the cake! Definitely must try, can be enjoyed before or after meal 😉

Cafe Bombon IDR 35K
Honestly, we ordered this because the name sounds cute. XD It is actually a long shot espresso (1 and half ounce) with sweetened condensed milk. It was served together with 2 bottles containing sugar, which I mistakenly poured into the coffee. -__- Actually the so-called Cafe Bombon is already sweet when mixed with the condensed milk, and the sugar bottles were meant for the Arnold Palmer. Luckily, we didn’t pour too much sugar into the coffee so the taste wasn’t really ruined. It became a bit too sweet but taste-wise, it was fantastic. I mean, I love black coffee, but I love it more with milk. LOVE!!

Tropical Truffle Fries IDR 60K
This big plate of shoestring fries, tropical truffle oil, and parmesan really made me surprised. Served on a considerably big portion in big plate, I started expecting American portions (LOL!) in there. The fries were crunchy and delicious, with distinctive taste of the truffle oil, which is claimed to be homemade. Sprinkled with generous amount of grated parmesan cheese on top, the fries were really good as snack and had great, delicious taste too! Oh I also have to state that they served these fries with a sauce that tasted like marinara sauce, sweet, salty and addicting! I mean, hello, if they served this with chili or tomato sauce, that would have been a totally different story, right? In the end, we couldn’t even finish it although we shared it for 3 person. XD

Baconerie Burger IDR 80K
Freshly ground in-house 50/50 bacon and beef hamburger patty, bacon, special sauce, toasted brioche buns, side salad. First impression: “Oh! It’s not THAT big!” (come on, I got carried away expecting things after my Arnold Palmer drink and the fries, LOL!). The burger looked normal as in regular in size, but clearly the patty is thick (and got me excited, heh!). Got the photos of it from as many angles as possible and I chose 5 different ones for you my readers, and hope you get to understand the burger porn! XD

The brioche buns were not the best I have ever had, but they were soft and tasty. The patty was thick yet still maintaining the tenderness and juiciness, although some people might send it back to the kitchen because it is served medium-rare. It’s understandable though because it would be difficult to get patty that tender if cooked longer. Bacon was delicious but cooking style was not my favorite because it was too crispy for me. The salad were fresh and I loved the light dressing, and the pickled red onions were seriously good to neutralize the greasy and oily burger.

I also took away some of their baked goods from the counter, including the famous scones (heard that they are best-selling items!) and the pizza bread. Actually I eyed for the humongous chocolate cake on the glass display but in the end I didn’t buy it. The baked goods are made everyday by the owner’s wife and the cakes are only available during weekends.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Baconerie, and I wanna come back for the breakfast menu! Oh I also tried some of their artisan cured meat packages like apple chicken and bacon, totally loved them! 

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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