During my last trip to Sydney back in November 2016, I didn’t really go out and eat at restaurants but there is one particular place that I love so much. I and my sisters pretty much have a similarity when it comes to spending family time together, so few days before I flew back to Jakarta, we decided to have a Friday brunch in Rosebery: The 5th Earl.

The reason why we chose this place was because we had something to do nearby so we looked up the info online of where to eat in the neighborhood. Rosebery has many interesting places that are already well-known, such as, Black Star Pastry’s newest outlet, Doux Amour Patisserie, Gelato Messina, and so on. Yes, we also visited them but let’s focus on 5th Earl first now. XD

FYI, from what we gathered online, it seems that 5th Earl has many rave reviews, not only for the food, but also for the place and service. That sounds like a perfect choice for us!


We went there in the morning, it was quiet but the atmosphere was somehow lively. When we entered the place, the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee welcomed us nicely. The place has this warm industrial design completed with red pipes, vintage hanging lights, and inviting warm cushions. At the first glance, the restaurant looks casual but something about it makes it great for a romantic first date, too. Maybe it’s the chair, maybe it’s the lighting, the ambience is great for social spot and certainly makes us feel comfortable in seconds.


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Ordered some coffee to accompany our brunch and we were thrilled because they use Toby’s Estate coffee here. The Hot Mocha was good and dense enough to put smile on my face.


Cappuccino AUD 3.50


Mocha AUD 4.00

For the food, they have an extensive selection of menu, inspired by healthy yet satisfying Mediterranean meals, make sure to read the description of each menu carefully before you order. Interestingly, you can also opt for vegetarian and/or gluten-free menu as stated clearly, so there will always be something for everyone on the table. 😉 If you are looking for something heavier, from 11 AM you can order the HUNGRY selection which contains “heavier” menu, although I personally think that the breakfast menu are already heavy and fulfilling the way it is!

Prices for food range from AUD 5.50 to 27.90.

Eggs On Toast AUD 10.90

The simplest way to kick start the day! This menu contains of 2 eggs your way served with toasted sourdough. The sourdough was still moist despite being toasted, with crunchy crust and less wheat-y aroma. It went very well with the egg omelette and lightly-dressed salad on the side. Vegetarians-friendly.

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The Earl’s Breakfast AUD 21.90

2 eggs your way, bacon, lamb sausage, roasted tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, avocado, Uncle Frank’s Greek beans w/ toasted sourdough
This was my order that day and I was fascinated when the plate was served on the table. First of all, the serving portion is so HUGE it is so generous I was very surprised! I mean, Australia is not USA and I am so used to not expect large serving portion there but well, here it is. The plate is indeed very big and fulfilled with so many food I was dying in joy! XD


To be honest, although one should eat breakfast like a King, I myself am not really a breakfast champion. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish all these stuffs by myself, but thank God, I was with my 2 sisters and 1 brother-in-law, so I guessed I would be alright.

PB250808-16 PB250804-15

Everything on this plate was UBER DELICIOUS, seriously. Everything was served fresh, cooked with perfection, and slightly under-seasoned, which is good because we can always add salt and pepper according to our own liking. Rather than adding boring salad for the platter, they only put roasted tomatoes, which is good for the color and has many health benefits as well. Even if nothing goes well in this place, I would at least come back for this!


Zucchini And Corn Fritters AUD 18.90

served with asparagus, shaved Spanish ham, roasted tomatoes, 2 poached eggs and pomegranate molasses
One of the recommended menu as the waiter told us, this Zucchini And Corn Fritters seem to be the favorite of many regular patrons. Well, the presentation is beautiful but there is something “off” about the food. The corn fritters were definitely over-fried, leaving a hard, not-so-fresh texture. I personally feel that the ingredients of this dish overlap the flavors of each others and made me confused.


Benny Roll AUD 13.90

2 poached eggs, crispy bacon, house made tomato relish, rocket and hollandaise on brioche
Another favorite of yours truly! This Benny Roll was absolutely, definitely, MUST-ORDER item when you visit 5th Earl. First of all, the brioche bun was so soft like cloud and went perfectly well with the tomato relish! The bacon was very well-cooked so it was crispy but not TOO crispy, exactly how I love my bacon to be cooked. The rocket salad brought another texture and fragrance to the roll, the fact that it tasted slightly bitter helped toning down the greasiness of the bacon somehow.

Benny Roll AUD 13.90


Look at ’em poached eggs! This was insanely good, and my writing can never do the judge. XD


Overall, we were very satisfied with our brunch at 5th Earl, although there are many other promising café around the neighborhood that are worth visiting as well. The food are outstanding: taste delicious, generous serving portion, and most importantly, we feel good eating here.



Currency Rate: AUD 1 = +/- IDR 10,200 = +/- USD 0.77

** This review is written based on our visit on 25 November 2016.


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