Yes, this newest coffee shop named “Beecy Bikes & Beans” probably will easily catch our attention just by hearing its name. Founded by Mada Mubina, the head of Indonesian Folding Bike Community, this place is originally built as meeting point for the bikers as he claimed that they didn’t have one before this. That’s why, the entire place is decorated with bikes and their attributes.






This special bike is coated with 12 grams of real gold, can you believe it?


The place itself is noticeable from the main Dharmawangsa Raya street, located just beside Snappy and a beauty center. They don’t have any eye-catching banner yet as they just had their Grand Opening on October 10th, 2014, but make sure to look for Snappy signboard or the fancy rooftop area that is quite visible from the street. Yes, there are 2 floors of the shop, and actually the place is quite comfortable with refreshing air-conditioners, rooftop seating area and also, more casual area on the first floor. We took a table on the second floor and we loved our comfortable place.






There are lots of quotes boards like this and I love them!


Rooftop seating area


As Beecy is actually a coffee shop (hence the name “beans”), it serves lots of coffee menu and I think the selection is quite impressive. First of all, they serve manual brews, which are a must for a coffee shop, and they have cupping, decanter, French Press, V60, Syphon, Aeropress, and also Chemex. Not only that, they also provide Indonesian coffee beans like Lintong, Aceh Gayo, Mandheling, Bali, Java Petung, Pangalengan, Benteng Alla, Flores Bajawa, Papua, Toraja, Kintamani, even Ethiopia and Brazil. However, because they are still new, some menu were not available during my visit and I had to settle with something else. For the coffee, prices range from IDR 14K to 32K only.


Cappuccino IDR 24K

We tried the most basic coffee drink, cappuccino, that is, because the manual brews were not available. We were served single and double shots, and since we asked for different latte arts, we were happy about the presentation. Honestly, I don’t really fancy double shots because it is usually too strong for me, but here, I love the double more because it had an amazing coffee flavor (and taste), very smooth and enjoyable. In the other hand, the single one didn’t really work for me because it was too mild and light, I hardly enjoyed it as it tasted so bland. This is coming from someone who is not even a coffee expert so perhaps my taste is kinda similar to any regular person who sips a coffee just for fun.


Iced Cafe Latte Caramel IDR 30K

Jakarta is so hot lately that I felt the need to order something icy to beat the humidity! Apparently, so far the iced blended coffee drinks are still the favorites among the customers so I was recommended this iced cafe latte and I chose caramel. The iced coffee itself didn’t really stand out or anything because it was so light to the point of tasting so bland with little hint of coffee, but I enjoyed the crushed nuts, oreo bits and astor stick more than everything in that glass. Once again, avoid anything popular, HAHA!

Affogato IDR 24K

Along with the double shot, this was the highlight of the day as I really, really LOVED their affogato. Seriously, probably one of the best I have had in Jakarta. Strong aroma and taste of coffee mixed with the sweetness of vanilla ice cream, it was so thick and satisfying in every sip I took. I just simply loved it. Definitely recommended and I am so going to come back for this.


Beside coffee or non coffee drinks, there are also some food menu like toasts, snacks and pasta, with prices ranging from IDR 12K – 28K, so affordable. I didn’t try any of them because some that I ordered (like toasts) were not available. The affordable prices are reasonable because the target market is university students and it’s always good to find a hang-out place with nice price, no?



Overall, I think it is a good place to hang out, or even just for a sip of coffee. Currently they have no Wi-Fi connection because they don’t even have the line installed yet, and the only minus point is the lacking of parking area, so it can be troublesome if we come by car. But again, we can park at Grand Wijaya Ruko and walk a bit to reach it.


BEST OF LUCK, BEECY! And I hope you’ll be (and stay) BUSY soon!!


*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

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Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No. 10
South Jakarta 
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 08.00 – 22.00