First of all, congratulations Cajun On Wheels for the opening of the first outlet in Jakarta, Indonesia! Last week, I got the opportunity to join their Grand Opening event held in their outlet in Springhill Residence, which is located in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.


Cajun On Wheels itself is a Halal-certified seafood chain that was first conceptualized by Arteastiq F&B Group in Singapore back in 2015, and up to date, there are currently 4 outlets: 2 in Singapore (Suntec City Mall & Plaza Singapura), 1 in Colombo (Sri Lanka), and the latest outlet in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Cajun On Wheel restaurant in Jakarta is located inside Springhill Residence Kemayoran, which is actually quite hidden especially if you are not familiar with the area. However, once you find the residence, the restaurant is easily spotted from the entrance gate, thanks to its bright red signage complete with a big crab on top. The restaurant occupies 2 floors for dining area, and the whole place is fulfilled with urban industrial theme that goes well with the red truck at the center. Oh yes, Cajun On Wheels takes on the spirit of the gourmet food truck -in true American fashion, catering fresh and quintessentially Louisiana-style seafood cuisine served with your choice of delicious sauces with Asian twist, all developed in-house.


When you are seated, you’ll get these plastic aprons that you should wear if you order any seafood menu. It’s not mandatory and it’s up to you to wear it or not, but they will prepare for you anyway and it’ll avoid any mess getting on your clothes. Personally I am a very tidy person myself and I usually can control the “cleanliness” when I am eating, plus I dislike the short tie that seems like strangling my neck when I wear it, so yes, normally I don’t wear it.


So, the most frequently asked question: the menu and the prices.

Cajun On Wheels serves seafood buckets, platters, a la carte meals & burgers. Prices start from IDR 40,000 up to IDR 948,000, they certainly have quite a diversity here, LOL! Before you judge anything and make any decision, take a look at their complete menu HERE and I suggest, keep reading first.

FYI, Cajun On Wheels Indonesia currently have 6 kinds of sauces:

  • Cajun Cheese: Louisiana’s favorite spice with creamy mixed cheese
  • Salted Egg Yolk: creamy and moderately spicy, served with fried curry leaves & chilli padi
  • Spicy Cheesy Soil: velvety texture with herb & spice
  • Singapore Chilli Crab: Singaporean’s favorite, thick, sweet, spicy
  • Sambal Chilli Egg: creamy and lip smacking
  • Herb & Butter: combination of herbaceous flavors & slightly creamy texture

It’s too bad that because the event was so crowded, I only got to try one menu provided by them, which is a seafood bucket served with Salted Egg Yolk sauce. As per the buckets, we can choose which menu fits our needs the best, and the price goes up along with the quantity of the contents.

Olympian Bucket IDR 948,000

Crab 2 x 600 gr, Prawns 500 gr, White Clams 300 gr, Mussels 300 gr, Sweet Corn, Baby Potatoes, and Chicken Spam


Look at ’em fresh seafood! I must state that they quickly impressed me with their fresh ingredients. And the salted egg yolk sauce is one of a kind! It’s fragrant (I know, not a common way to describe salted egg yolk sauce, but it is INDEED aromatic), and finger-licking delicious! The texture though, I was expecting a creamier one as they describe it on the menu, but I found it only slightly creamy and I prefer thicker one. However, the taste was frikkin’ good and I love the spicy kick, too!

This Olympian bucket is meant to be shared among 3-4 person, but honestly, it was an easy task to finish this alone, and please be aware that this doesn’t come from a seafood maniac. I was with my sister that day and two of us finished this bucket in no time, while we are not even big seafood lovers generally. So, I really wonder whether this bucket can really satisfy 3-4 seafood lovers? I doubt it.

P1190079-14 P1190059-10 P1190066-11

Honestly, I love everything from this bucket. But gotta say the main star will be the meaty crabs and the prawns. I am drooling over my keyboard now just thinking about them!

P1190047-9 P1190048-9

Since we didn’t feel enough with just one seafood bucket, we decided to buy other meals so we can review them at the same time. Many menus weren’t ready yet that day so we ended up only with 2 orders.

C.O.W. Burger with Naked Beef IDR 40,000

I was curious with their burgers, because this is after all a seafood chain, and they can only have 2 options: rock it or ruin it. It’s said that they make American style Louisiana burger with 100% premium beef. Upon consideration, I ordered C.O.W. Burger with Turkey Bacon (IDR 56,000) and got this instead. I only realized it later after I cut it into halves and decided not to make any complains because the staffs were too busy and I didn’t want to make any fuss in the event. Honestly I wasn’t even sure whether we were allowed to make any orders by ourselves other than the items they provided for free tasting session, but well, I needed to try more than 1 item to write a blog post, right?


The burger was served in a tin square container, as messy as you can imagine. I was shocked, it felt wrong to actually clean everything up, reorganized the burger and produced a so different image for the blog. But well, I did it. And I was even more surprised to see what the beef looked like in the inside. The patty is so thick and the center was very rare, if not raw. We could still taste the coldness of the meat and we believed it wasn’t seasoned at all. The buns were dry and bland, I secretly wished I didn’t order this one!


Fish Set IDR 76,000

Beside the burger, I also tried their seafood platter called Ocean Box, which you can choose the variety of seafood (fish, prawns, soft-shell crab, etc). You can order it as a la carte menu, or set menu which includes the side dish and sauce. I chose fish set with rice pilaf as the side dish and Cajun Cheese sauce as I was curious about it. In reality, I got fish set with aglio olio, baby potatoes and sweet corn. XD


Despite the wrong side dish, I was actually quite happy with this menu. Other than the cold aglio olio, it was a nice platter especially the crispy fish and mouth-watering Cajun Cheese sauce.

P1190120-18 P1190118-17

Since my visit was on their Grand Opening event, the restaurant was full with the invitations and personally, I think it is not the best time to review a restaurant. However, I am glad I could be a part of the event and had the chance to try their food here in Jakarta! I heard that the prices in Singapore’s outlets are even higher than here in Jakarta, and I checked few items and they really have huge differences. For example, the Olympian Bucket is priced at SGD 165 in Singapore (+/- IDR 1,650,000) and here it’s “only” IDR 948,000. Although it’s still a big number, the difference is very clear, right? If you are curious like me, don’t be afraid to visit because they have many options for the menu!

Once again, congratulations Cajun On Wheels for the opening and wish you best of luck!



* All prices are subject to 5.5% service charge & 10% government tax

** This review is written based on our visit on 19 January 2018.


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