For Indonesian, baso is one of the most favorite food that can be found quite easily. Baso or meatball is indeed a very popular local food, served from street vendors until upscale restaurants. This time, we tried one of the most growing baso places, Saboga. Apparently, it originates from Bandung, as the Saboga itself is the name of an area in Bandung, West Java. I heard about this since long time ago, always saw a chain whenever I walked around some malls but never really had the chance to visit. Based from what I read or heard about this place, mostly it got are nothing but positive comments or reviews.
So that day it was just around 11am when I walked by and decided to eat something there. Just like another fast food chain, we can pick the food that we want and it’ll be ready in seconds. I had trouble choosing because I wanted to try each, but finally I settled with Saboga Komplit, which contains of baso bakwan, baso gepeng, fishball, chicken roll, mie gulung, and pangsit isi. It was nice, tasty, everything you might say, but come on, these are just as good as other baso we can get from street vendors. Pardon me, but paying this price for a bowl of these? Hell, no.
Saboga Komplit – IDR 28.000

 In another side, Mr. P saw this attractive promotion banner about Paket A’moi. It contains of baso gepeng, soun, siomay mie, and rice. For just IDR 11.000. I think it is a good deal. And the fact that they attempted to serve the rice in Saboga icon shape? That was cute.

Paket A’moi – IDR 11.000

Nestea Teh Tarik – IDR 9.000

Nestea Blackcurrant – IDR 8.000

Clean and spacious layout

Raja Baso Tahu SABOGA

The Plaza Semanggi Lt 3-A/20

Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 50 

Jakarta 12930