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Last January, I went for another weekend staycation in Century Park Hotel, Senayan. I know, for people who know where I live, this choice probably sounds ridiculous as the hotel is located very close from home, which normally takes me only 2-3 minutes (minus traffic jam). The reasons were: I needed the staycation so much that week, it was decided last minute, I wanted somewhere near home, and alas, the Fairmont wasn’t even opened that time.


Century Park Hotel was established in 1991 and stands as one of the top of the line 4 star luxury business hotels in Jakarta. This hotel is also known as Atlet Century Park Hotel, believe it or not, when I was a kid, I thought the hotel is strictly for athletes only. I think it’s because of its convenient location near Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan Driving Range, and Senayan National Golf Club, many athletes actually stay there when they come to Jakarta. Nowadays, beside athletes, many foreign businessmen, especially Japanese, love to stay there.


Beside all the sports-related areas, this hotel is also strategically located near some prestigious shopping malls like Plaza Senayan, Senayan City and fX Sudirman.


I had never stayed in this hotel before, and actually it was my first time visiting. From outside, the hotel looks great, like typical grand hotel from the 90s. The parking is very limited, but there is valet service available. The lobby and reception area have this yellowish tone of lighting that remind me of older hotels’ ambiances. The check-in was fast and easy, the staffs were very friendly and helpful.


This time, I stayed at the Presidential Suite (IDR 9,000,000/night) which is located on the 17th floor with the views of Senayan complex and city skyline. The room occupies 160 sqm area and it is indeed very spacious. The suite has one bedroom with walk-in bathroom, a spacious living room connected to dining room and study, also adjoining kitchen and bar.


Let’s start with the bedroom first, shall we? 😉



The bedroom is quite spacious and the bed looks small. Even the 46″ TV looks small. My favorite place is actually the sofa with leg rest, it’s so comfortable and smooth.






The bathroom is also inside the bedroom. The problem is there is NO DOOR separating these rooms. Okay, I stayed with Mr. K who is my husband, so it was alright for us. But seriously, I think a bathroom door is a must, period.


When I looked through the bathroom for the first time, I was hooked. It is quite spacious and divided into sections. The first thing I saw is the jacuzzi-style bathtub with head rest, then the shower box, two sinks and big mirror, and the toilet at the farthest side of the room. The bathtub is okay but very small, not something that I would expect from a suite, let alone the Presidential one. The shower is nice, cute shower head and big water stream. The bathroom is almost perfect!







Moving onto the dining room, there is a table with 6 chairs, which is great if I could bring more people here. Seriously, staying in suite like this is nice, but with only 2 of us, things can get so lonely! XD




The bar and kitchen area is actually quite big, and there is an empty fridge too behind the wall on the left. When I walked behind the counter, I was surprised to find that the area is very spacious, and there is washing sink and storage cabinet as well. However, there is no kitchen utensil whatsoever, and my biggest question is, what’s the point of making a kitchen without providing anything we can use? Stacks of spoon, fork, knife, glasses or plates will certainly be more appreciated as guests probably don’t cook but when they have something to eat, they can use the kitchen more appropriately.



Did I tell you that the suite has another restroom in the living room area? And it’s much bigger than most all the ones we find in public places. Oh yes, with phone, too.




And last but not least, the living room. Being an old player doesn’t mean that this hotel can’t be modern. I like the furniture of the living room, including the rug, but somebody please clean that couch or just replace it with new one. I don’t know if the Presidential Suite has been occupied that often, but the couch is just EWW. So many stains all over it, and the color doesn’t help much covering those dirt. Other than that, the living room is simply fabulous.




After exploring and enjoying the room for a while, I decided to try some delicacies in the Executive Lounge. Apparently, the Century Lounge on the 16th floor was under renovation during our visit so I went to the other one (I forgot which floor). It is not big, probably same size with airport lounges, with nice and comfortable seating area and buffet stands serving lighter snacks and desserts.





And this shot was taken by Mr. K from our room’s window after midnight. Senayan area and its glory.



Although my stay was only a short, 1 night stay, I really had great experience there. I understand that the hotel is indeed quite old, and especially the room we stayed in, even the floor felt different (some parts were kinda “sticky”, like stepping on floor of empty place that hasn’t been touched for quite sometime). I am also not sure if this is the only Presidential Suite they have, or when the last time this room was occupied by guests. Despite all the flaws, I still enjoyed my stay there, and most importantly, I could sleep like dead person, thanks to the super duper cold air conditioner that worked so well in the whole room.


I heard that the renovation for the line of rooms on higher floors are done, so I can’t wait to go back soon! Thanks for reading, hope this writing helps you who need hotel recommendations around Jakarta 🙂


** The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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