This is a very late post but since I am cleaning up my hard disk right now, I think it’s good to share about this cute little cafe located at Lebak Bulus, a not-so-popular culinary spot (yet) in South Jakarta.

Lebak Bulus is the farther South Jakarta, while it’s considered big area on its own, not many people know about fancy or mainstream culinary spot there. I rarely go around that area, but I know that there are many offices and some good eating places nearby, mostly street food stalls. This time, I found this cute-looking Pantrynette Cafe inside one of many rukos that attracted me right away with its green-painted building.

The cafe is petite and everything of it screams cute and homey. The interior is simple, heart-warming, and less pretentious. It almost looks like someone’s living room transformed into a dining area. The loveliest part would be the white rattan table and chairs set decorated with stripes pink. The furry chairs are pretty and give instant girly touch. There is this cupboard just near the window that reminds me of home. Lovely, I say.








As Pantrynette is located in the middle of office complex, it was pretty crowded especially because I visited during lunch time. This is not a new place and it seems that many visitors are actually regulars so the atmosphere is quite nice, like everyone knowing each others and looking very comfortable with the place.

Pantrynette serves variety of Asian and Western cuisine, but in a simpler, humble way of home cooking kind. The prices are very affordable, makes a lot of sense because their main target is probably the people who work around there.


Tahu Saus Mangga IDR 18,000
As an appetizer, this is very promising in term of portion. The tofu is deep fried and topped with mango cuts as well as sweet and sour sauce.


 Nasi Uduk Medan IDR 34,000
While the so-called “nasi uduk” doesn’t taste anything like it, I was fascinated by the side dishes especially the super tender, full-of flavor beef rendang. The whole plate is indeed nice because of its variety, and also the strong flavors.

Chicken Katsu Rice IDR 24,000
Nice attempt of making decent chicken katsu, if only the breadcrumbs are not given too much, it would be even better.

Nasi Goreng Hijau IDR 25,000
Sambal Hijau or green chili has never failed me, and this one is not an exception. The fried rice is very good with right amount of green chili mixed into it, creating a balanced taste of spiciness and beautiful fragrance. Although the rice is accompanied with many savory sides, the rice still stands out as the main star of the dish.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio IDR 28,000
This is not bad at all, in fact I was quite surprised that the spaghetti tastes even better than the ones in more expensive restaurants. I picked the super spicy level so as you can see, there are lots of orange chili cuts. The spaghetti was a bit too dry for my liking, but the consistency was good. Didn’t like the grated cheese on top, though.

Bitterballen IDR 24,000
For the dessert, I had these little balls sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with chocolate dipping sauce. Lovely!



Pantrynette is probably not a fancy, mainstream type of cafe but I was glad I visited this place. The food are decent, the prices are super affordable, the service is good. Honestly, I wish them the best of luck spreading the love for the little cafe. I can see that they are doing okay with the business, especially with so many regular customers visiting everyday, so hope that continues for a long, long time.


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