Since our very first visit to PATIO Venue & Dining back in 2014 (it was still named PATIO Trattoria & Pizzeria that time), this restaurant has been one of our favorite spot in South Jakarta whenever we need a place to eat well, hang out, or meet relatives and colleagues. The beautiful restaurant is designed in modern European style, with elegant dining rooms that surprisingly make us feel at home -thanks to the good hospitality and unpretentious staffs who make every single visit very pleasant for us.

PATIO is part of Plataran Group, which is a homegrown Indonesian hospitality group whose vision is to contribute to Indonesia and Indonesians by showcasing to the world the rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage of this remarkable archipelago. They are known for their beautiful hotels and resorts, as well as venues and dining spread in many parts of Indonesia. I won’t go further talking about the location and ambience of the restaurant, as I have ever written about it back then, but well, enjoy the photos of the gorgeous PATIO!

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Recently, PATIO Venue & Dining releases new Weekend Brunch menu selections which are only available every Saturday & Sunday from 8AM – 3PM. The menu selections are good, there are savory or sweet menu which are perfect for slow, relaxing weekend brunch. When the plate started coming to our table, we were thinking that the serving portion is not too big but actually it IS big. They use big plates so the food doesn’t fulfill the whole plate, you get the idea. With price range of IDR 55,000 to 89,000 only, it’s safe to invite all of you to come and  enjoy their satisfying weekend brunch menu without worrying that it will put big hole in your pocket!

Patio Florentine IDR 85,000

Homemade English muffin, smoked salmon, poached egg, spinach, rucola, Hollandaise sauce

DSC_0207-26 DSC_0233-27

Sweet Corn Toast IDR 55,000

Toasted multigrain bread, corn kernel, chili salsa, cream, balsamic dressing, olive oil, and salad


Patio Omelette IDR 69,000

Omega-3 egg, sauteed mushroom, hash brown, rucola, grilled tomato, pesto sauce


Avo Peas Toast IDR 73,000

Toasted multigrain bread, avocado, green peas, scrambled omega-3 egg, honey, salad


Salmon Croissant IDR 89,000

Toasted croissant, smoked salmon, kyuri, pickled onion, microgreen, mornay sauce


We tried 5 of the savory menu above, and we must admit we were quite impressed! Well, these are not special menu and some people might think they are quite typical brunch menu, and I even overheard someone saying all of them looked the same. XD Despite looking similar one to another, every plate has completely different “main stars”, hence the different tastes. Although normally I would have chosen Patio Florentine for my ideal brunch (eggs, bread, fish/chicken/meat, veggies), I have to tell you my heart is so much into the Avo Peas Toast! YES, that is my personal favorite among those five! Not that I am saying the others aren’t good, but the Avo Peas Toast is so unique and they use haas avocado, that’s why the avocado tastes so rich and creamy, yet perfectly smooth for a brunch.


Borobudur French Toast IDR 59,000

White bread, pistachio, cream chantilly, honey


Borobudur French Toast IDR 59,000

For the sweet treats, we tried this French Toast menu with lots of colors, so pretty! To be honest, we didn’t quite like it because the toast was soggy, even at the most outer layer. If you see the photo clearly, you can tell that even the edges were not crisp at all and I don’t need to state how soggy it was in the center. However, different people have different preferences in term of how they want to have their French Toast cooked, this one is just not mine.


Borobudur French Toast IDR 59,000

For the beverages, they have quite good selection: tea, coffee, fresh juice, mocktail, smoothies, you name it. We tried few of them and our pick goes to the Green Antioxidant (IDR 45,000) and Brain Vitamin (IDR 47,000). While the Green Antioxidant is lighter and more refreshing (made from kale, pear, lemon, and honey), the Brain Vitamin is a smoothie so you can get rich, creamier texture as it’s made from avocado, spinach, yogurt, and honey.

Green Antioxidant IDR 45,000
Raspberry Cooler IDR 42,000


Green Antioxidant IDR 45,000 & Raspberry Cooler IDR 42,000

Tropical Paradise IDR 42,000

The combination of Banana, mango, coconut, pineapple is unique, although we are pretty confused about the taste. As you probably can imagine, 4 tropical fruits that are used to make this drink have their own distinctive flavors. Technically, we think the result is confusing as all flavors tend to overpower each other.


Tropical Paradise IDR 42,000


Tropical Paradise IDR 42,000

 Brain Vitamin IDR 47,000


Brain Vitamin IDR 47,000

Kopi Popcorn IDR 49,000

Now, this is not to be missed when you visit PATIO! The Kopi Popcorn is just an order I made because of its cute name, but turns out to be so good! Basically espresso served with honey and burnt popcorn, the Kopi Popcorn is sweet like the coffee on first date and slightly bitter like saying goodbye to your broken high heels, LOL! You might think that I am exaggerating too much, but well, I really like this coffee and sipping it in PATIO’s beautiful surrounding always seems like the best idea for me.

DSC_0172-18 DSC_0275-34

Last but not least, the new Weekend Brunch from PATIO is definitely worth to try! If you like good food enjoyed in good place surrounded by nature and class, served by friendly and unpretentious staffs, this is absolutely your place. We’ll definitely come back as always.



** This review is written based on our visit on 3 February 2017.


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