Few days ago, I went to La Codefin Kemang, a building complex in the heart of Kemang Raya street fulfilled with dining places. It had been long time since the last time I visited that place, and mostly all the food places that used to exist there are already replaced with other brands. I remember the venue in the middle was used as various stands/booths such as fashion and stuffs, now nothing remains and the building feels so empty and sad. There are not many choices inside and finally we stopped by this cool-looking food truck alike place called Noodz Noodle & Yakitori Bar, which is located at the outdoor area just across the main lobby.

From the looks, this place is very fancy and colorful, so attractive. There are some tables available for dining in, so it’s quite convenient. But it will be a disaster when it rains. XD Apparently, Noodz is quite new in the business, as it has just been operating for about 3 months. The main dishes are noodle and yakitori, they also have snack for starters, rice bowls, and G-bread (their kind of desserts, but nothing was available during my visit so couldn’t try any). Their signature noodles have options of spiciness from level 1 to 25 (with interval of 5), and they look pretty interesting from the poster. Beside all these food, they also serve various mixed drinks which are served in fancy, cute glasses.

Chicken Noodz IDR 30K
First impression: DARN, the portion is so small! Served on a semi-bowl, the noodle just laid flat on the bottom, didn’t even cover the whole bottom, not mentioning “fulfilling”. The kind of noodle used was also very thin and small one, making things even worse, LOL. It was quite tasty and spicy, this one was level 10 and basically just spiciness dominated the whole noodle.

Beef Noodz IDR 35K
This one was level 15 and even spicier than the chicken one, I enjoyed this but still, the spiciness overpowered everything in the end. And again, the portion sucks BIG TIME.

Spicy Beef Rice Bowl IDR 35K
Okay, when it was served, I felt like my heart fell into the floor right away. I mean, we were terribly hungry when we got there and we expected something more “decent”, you know. And this came in a very, very small portion and if they sell this for IDR 35K, seriously, they should reconsider the price. The rice was very tiny, the beef slices were very thin and almost looked like left-over meat, everything was just SO WRONG! When I tasted it, it was just sweet, sweet, and spicy. Just horrible.

Signature Beef Rice Bowl IDR 35K
Not-spicy version of the above.

Chicken Thigh, Chicken Wing, Chicken Enoki Roll IDR 8.5K each, Beef Enoki Roll IDR 15K
The grilled stuffs were actually quite good in taste although didn’t look so pretty.

Iced Bubblegum Milk IDR 25K
Basically a taste of milk mixed with drops of bubblegum flavors, added with some pink chewy transparent balls like pacar cina, the drink was very bland. Sometimes some pretty things don’t taste as good as they look.

Overall, my experience with this place was not really pleasant, although the staffs were helpful and nice, the food weren’t exactly good, the preparation time was long, and the portions were ridiculously small. I mean, there were only us that time, so I didn’t understand why it had to take so long to cook the noodle and prepare the rice bowls? Regarding the price, it wasn’t worth any money that I spent because seriously, with a price of one bowl, I can actually get 3 bowls of very decent Indonesian-style “mie ayam” from the street stalls. Seriously.

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NOODZ Noodle & Yakitori Bar
La Codefin Kemang
Kemang Raya No. 8
Jakarta Selatan 12720
Ph. +62 89 7779 7288
Opening Hours: 10.00 – 22.00 

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