El Asador is a restaurant in Kemang area specializing in South American cuisine, specifically the infamous wood-fire grill aka “Parrilla”. “Asado” literally means a specific cut of beef ribs, and “El Asador” means “the barbecuer”. Since their specialty is the wood-fire grilled stuffs, their main attraction is the steaks, which are brushed with secret ingredients, grilled to our liking, between rare and well done. Each meat comes with a side dish that will best complement them, as well as their own fresh “chimichurri” sauces.

The place has this warm, exotic vibe, with dark atmosphere that is quite inviting. We can choose to sit in regular tables, sofas, or outside, the tall stools overlooking the busy street of Kemang. 

Since we came around afternoon, we didn’t get to try anything from the “parrillas” as they are only available during dinner time. The menu evolves around meat cuts such as short ribs (asado), rib eye (churrasco), inside skirt (entrania), flank (vacio), chicken (pollo), and homemade South American style sausages (chorizos). As their cuisine is inspired by true and authentic Argentinean and Uruguayan cuisine, we were so excited to see what El Asador has to offer!

Eggs Benedict El Asador IDR 66K
Toasted English muffin and poached eggs, served with homemade Hollandaise sauce, and sauteed mushrooms as side dish.
As El Asador serves all-day breakfast, I took the chance to order a breakfast menu, which was strongly recommended by the staff. This eggs benedict had a very beautiful presentation, especially the Hollandaise sauce. However, the strong smell of butter kinda turned me off.

Milanesa de Pollo IDR 94K
Juice-marinated chicken breast cooked Schnitzel-style, coated with breadcrumbs, served with ham (beef or turkey), topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and green peas.
This was a well-executed dish, started with the very soft and tender chicken breast with crispy layer, the perfectly melted mozzarella cheese, and everything just worked so well together.

Chivito Plato IDR 121K
Churrasco tenderloin steak covered with mozzarella cheese, ham (beef or turkey) bacon, fried egg, olives, and homemade mayonnaise; served with Russian salad and seasoned french fries.
Another recommendation from our informative waiter, a satisfying plate that can be enjoyed alone or for two. The meat was so juicy and tender although it was thick, tasty until inside. The salad was beautiful and refreshing, what else can I ask?

It took me years to finally stepped my foot inside, but clearly this wouldn’t be the first and the last as I am planning another visit soon. Overall, a great place to unwind, drink or even eat, and next time I will make sure to try the parrillas! <33

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Phone. +62 21 718 2206
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