Lately I have been extremely busy with many things and feel lazy to write on the blog. Today when I transferred the photos from the camera to my computer, I was surprised that I have so many things to write about and seriously, this comes from someone who can go dining out like 2-3 times a day. Usually I write almost everyday because otherwise my “debt” would pile up, and to my horror, now it’s happening again. Well, enough bullpo*p, let’s get straight to the post.

Last week we found yet another hidden gem around Thamrin area, located just at the same area (Sunda street) with Artotel. It’s probably not a commonly found place unless you work/study somewhere around, this Kedai Kopi Deli is located quite hidden, in the parking area inside Enka Deli Square building. From the street, it is The Harvest bakery so if you find it, you’re on the right track.

Kedai Kopi Deli is not a new dining place, actually it’s been there since 2012. The owner loves traditional coffee from Medan, North Sumatera very much, and it was one of the reasons why they opened this restaurant. The place is decorated according to the local house in Deli, Medan, North Sumatera, with traditional touches like vintage-looking doors and windows. The ambiance was warm and a bit old, thanks to the dimmed lightings and dark-colored furnitures. Personally, when I went inside, I felt like I was in an old Batavia house or something, somewhere I can imagine Pitoeng (if you don’t know him, ask google) living there.

Menu is not many but enough and simple. There is variety of rice dishes, lontong (rice cake wrapped inside banana leaves), snacks, desserts, and coffee. Prices for food and drinks are very affordable, ranging from IDR 5K to 35K only.

Nasi Deli Daging IDR 35K
Basically the rice dishes are all called Nasi Deli, which is a steamed white rice served with orek tempe, teri kacang, and kering kentang. This variant, Nasi Deli Daging, came with a piece of rendang daging. Although on this plate, it was only the rice which was served hot, I liked this dish as it had variety of flavors. The rendang meat wasn’t really my favorite because it was too soft and too sweet, but I loved the other 3, especially the teri kacang 😉

Roti Bakar Kacang Coklat IDR 15K
Nothing special about this toast, the spread was ridiculously thin but the toast was okay.

Lontong Medan Komplit IDR 35K
A good portion that is worth sharing among 2-3 person. Basically the enhanced version of the Nasi Deli, but this one came with lontong and of course, the red soup. There are so many things going on inside the plate, but trust me, it was good and tasty!

Dimsum IDR 20K
Surprisingly I loved these dimsum pieces so much! They might not be the best dimsum out there but very enjoyable, served piping hot, soft and easy for a snack.

Es Cendol IDR 20K
Who doesn’t love Es Cendol? This dessert rarely disappoints me so most of the time, I usually stick to the ol’ es cendol whenever I try eating in new places. It didn’t fail me as the cendol was big and accompanied with big chunks of tape (fermented cassava), with perfectly sweet coconut milk. What a good way to “wash the mouth”!

Teh Tarik IDR 20K
A visit to this kopi tiam alike shop without ordering teh tarik is never complete, so there we go. The teh tarik immediately put a smile on our face when we took the first sips. It was blended very well with the not-overly sweet milk, served cold and fresh!

Kopi Duren IDR 32K
Apparently, this menu is one of their signature drinks, and Kopi Duren (or Durian Coffee) is commonly found in Medan. It tasted nice with strong aroma and taste of durian, but after a while, the durian taste was overkilled by the coffee. I actually quite enjoyed this coffee but wished that the durian taste would have lasted a bit longer. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful drink to enjoy especially if you love anything related to durian and don’t mind mixing it with coffee!

Overall, a good place with nice ambiance, good food with affordable price, and standard service. Will I come back there again? Yes, definitely, especially when I crave for the durian coffee, it is!

*All prices are subject to 2.5% service charge & 10% government tax
** The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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Kedai Kopi Deli
Enka Deli Square Lt. 1
Jl. Sunda No. 7
Jakarta Pusat
Ph. +62 21 3193 1431

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