Today, I visited this newly-opened coffee shop near my house area that I consider a lucky find. The coffee shop doesn’t look like a regular coffee shop from the street, in fact, it looks like an empty building because it had been empty and unoccupied for a while. There is no signboard whatsoever, because the shop has just opened since last month (soft opening), and had its grand opening on June 1st, 2014. Located in the always-busy Hang Tuah street, it is easy to be missed without any signboard, but just look for Ichan Salon and The Next Stop Steak, Trafique Coffee is right after these two.

First of all, the place is FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!! Like, seriously beautiful. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating things, but I felt so peaceful, comfortable and happy when I was there. The place is spacious, so much privacy (distances among tables are quite far), and the smoking and no-smoking areas are separated. The ceiling is very high, giving luxurious and spacious feeling when we are inside. The tables and chairs are very fancy yet comfy. Seriously, I can picture myself coming back again and again just to chill out, relax and even do my blog posts, LOL. And FYI, I am a kind of person who prefers to write my blog in my own room. So, I thank Mr. K for taking so many photos of the place and mind you, this post will be crazily loaded with interior photos! XD

Currently, they only serve coffee, tea, cakes, and some snack bites, but the menu will probably improve as time goes by. What I love about some coffee shops is that when they offer free infused water as a company of our coffee, because sometimes we just need water to neutralize everything, right? Here, you can have water or water infused with cucumber and lemon for free, and it’s refillable, just ask the waiters/waitresses. I tried that and found it so fragrant and refreshing!

Sausage Bread Roll IDR 30K
I ordered this because of the staff’s recommendation and I must say it was good. Probably not the most unique one, but the rolls were in consistent size, very thick, and a portion contains of 4 pieces. The sausages were quite prominent and tasted nice. What I like the most about these rolls were the crunchiness, we were there for quite a while but even until more than an hour after being served, the outer layer was still crispy yet soft in the inside. Served with chili sauce and mayonnaise, this was really a nice snack to accompany your coffee experience.

Carrot Cake IDR 35K
I don’t know since when, but I have been an avid fan of carrot cake and finding a truly delicious one had been a constant struggle for me. I love my carrot cake to be dry yet moist, so although its consistency is not wet and lumpy, it doesn’t have greasy feeling when eaten. The carrot cake here was exactly like the one I prefer, complimented with generous amount of walnuts made it even better. When I ate it, I could feel the sweetness of fresh carrots, crunchy walnut bits, lemon/orange flavor, and many other lovely tastes. Topped with rich cream cheese frosting, the cake easily becomes the best carrot cake I have found in Jakarta so far.

Brownies IDR 15K + additional ice cream IDR 5K
Honestly, when I saw this in the glass display, I knew I had to order this for the sake of its beautiful round presentation. Well, yours truly is not really a fan of brownies because usually I find these so sweet and sickening sometimes! The brownies was served by slice and it was quite thick, looking so fine with chopped walnuts that were spread all over the cake. The consistency was perfect, it was warm when served, adding a big plus point. Eaten just like that was already very delicious with enough sweetness, and the ice cream made it sweeter but still enjoyable. In short, a great brownies eating experience we had with our sugarless coffee!

Dolok Sanggul (Chemex) IDR 30K
Mr. K is a fan of manual brew so we tried the Dolok Sanggul, originated from North Sumatera. We chose Chemex filter because the staff recommended that (more on the filters later), as Chemex-filtered coffee tends to be more sirupy, cleaner and smoother. The coffee was FANTASTIC. It was very clear and smooth, but the aroma was still strong. Talking about magical coffee brewing method. I found it very enjoyable because usually I am a kind of person who can’t really drink sugarless coffee, but this one was not too bitter and not acidic at all. Definitely recommended for mild coffee lovers!

Lestretto/Spresso IDR 32K
This unique coffee drink is a clever combination of espresso and Sprite (yes, that Sprite soda drink), which resulted in a very weird unique, not-so-usual drink. As we all might have known already, espresso has a distinctive, strong flavor and so does Sprite. So they kind of bump one to another and personally, although it wasn’t exactly the best flavor one could imagine, I still recommend you to try it!

A little bit information that we want to share about the filters (thanks so much for the Trafique Coffee‘s crews for sharing this to us!). When we ordered manual brew, the staff will ask what kind of filter you like. There are 4 types available currently in Trafique:

  • Chemex: sirupy, clean, smooth coffee
  • V60: same as Chemex, a bit harsher
  • Flat Bottom: resulting in medium body coffee with low acidity
  • Kalita Wave: about the same with Flat Bottom
(L-R) Chemex, V60, Flat Bottom, Kalita Wave
Last but not least, we really enjoyed our stay there and are planning to make another visit tomorrow. XD Great coffee, great snacks and cakes, great place, great service. Everything is just worth every money you spend. Even for non-coffee lovers, you can try their recommended menu such as Choco-Peanut Blended. Best of luck, Trafique Coffee!

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