I looooovvveeee cinnamon rolls. 
But to be honest, it’s quite difficult to find a good cinnamon roll here in Indonesia. My first experience with cinnamon rolls was with Cinnabon, back in the US, and even until now, it’s still remembered as the best cinnamon roll that I have ever had!
Well, this time I tried some from Saint Cinnamon, they have promotion of buy 5 get 1 free. Most all the cinnamon rolls cost Rp. 9.000,- each, but they also serve rolls like chocolate cherry, banana, etc. The cinnamon rolls are big, soft, and taste okay. I don’t really smell or taste the strong cinnamon from those rolls, which is kinda disappointing. The bread dough is soft but not too solid, so it doesn’t really give a kick. 
Take Away

Banana Chocolate Muffin (Rp. 8.500,-)
Very, very nice. Melting in your mouth when it touches your tongue.

L-R (Top): Strawberry CR, Choco Cherry, Original CR
L-R (Bottom): Almond CR, Apple CR, Blueberry CR
Well, despite of everything negative that I wrote above, I’d still go there again when I crave for cinnamon rolls! 
Saint Cinnamon
Emporium Pluit Mall 
4F – 48
Tel. 6667-6560