Congratulations Almond Tree Cakes for the opening of newest outlet in Living World, Alam Sutera Tangerang! The new outlet is located inside food court garden of Living World mall, along with many restaurants and F&B outlets. It occupies only small area but they have seating area to enjoy not only cakes, pastries and drinks, but also heavier dishes.

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I came to this outlet to try their new #WTW menu that stands for WhatTheWaffle. Since this is still very much in Halloween’s season, they have this particular Halloween menu named #SmashinPumpkin which is only available in Living World and Gandaria City outlets until 5 November 2017!


The SmashinPumpkin waffle menu is made from chocolate waffle topped with Jack-o’-lantern attribute, gummy worms, fresh chopped fruits, and oreo crumbs. It is a fun way to enjoy a Halloween-themed dining experience, even kids will like it!


SmashinPumpkin Waffle available for Halloween, only until 5 November 2017.

The other #WTW menu are also available with same price of IDR 38,000/portion. I tried the Beef Noodle Waffle, Beef Burger Waffle, and Ayam Rica-Rica Waffle. Each waffle was made from the original process then later pressed in waffle machine. My personal favorite is the Beef Burger Waffle, actually it just felt like I was eating real Beef Burger, LOL. Ayam Rica-Rica is also good but it came with fried rice as the pairing so as I didn’t really fancy fried rice pressed into waffle, I found it a bit weird. They have many other menu for waffles (even Macaroni & Cheese), so I am sure you’ll definitely find something you can fancy here.


Beef Noodle Waffle IDR 38,000


Beef Burger Waffle IDR 38,000


Ayam Rica-Rica Waffle IDR 38,000

Along with the #WTW waffle menu, Almond Tree also released the most legit way to enjoy their cheesecakes: Cheesepops! Honestly this is one of the innovations that actually works and makes life even better, LOL. Sorry for exaggerating but yes, I do love this new menu. Basically if you like cheesecakes (and Almond Tree’s cheesecakes are YUM!), you probably enjoy these cheesepops as much as I do!


So in this Living World outlet, you can find an open kitchen concept behind the store that allows you to witness the making process of the waffles and the cheesepops. There are many kinds of toppings and sauces which you can choose to cover your cheesepops, and trust me, it can be addicting to see the process. The cheesepops themselves are priced at IDR 35,000 – 45,000 each (depends on the toppings) and I think it is still considerably affordable for their cheesecake and the toppings.


Since that day I visited the outlet with my foodie friends, we ended up creating our own versions of cheesepops and voila, they are so colorful and artistic, don’t you think so? XD We used the toppings in many combinations so as you can see, you can be creative with many options that Almond Tree offers!

DSC_1788-19 DSC_1794-20

Both waffles and cheesepops menu are now available in Almond Tree outlets so don’t miss them! Have fun and enjoy!




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Pakulonan, Serpong Utara
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