Chinese food restaurants are commonly found in Jakarta. One of the more popular ones is Central. The restaurant has many branches all over Jakarta, but this time, we went to the one in Tomang area to celebrate W’s birthday. 
I remember I went to this place sometimes with family, although personally I’m not really a fan of Chinese food because of the weird feeling afterwards. Last time I went there, it wasn’t that “full”, if that’s what I can describe about the layout and setting of the tables. Like typical Chinese restaurants, they use round table sets with seats covered with sheets. But I just think that the setting wasn’t too good because clearly there is almost no space among the seats. Let’s say, for a round table like our table, they put 10-11 seats to fit in, and it was stupid. Well, I can just say there was barely space among seats, or even tables. It was ridiculous that I felt they’re trying to fit as much seats as they can despite of the not-so-big area space.
I have to say that although I really don’t like the layout and setting of the room, I still like their food because they are very, very delicious. As someone who doesn’t really fancy Chinese food, I always enjoy eating there because they don’t give me the icky feeling like I usually get. But again, maybe it’s just me.

Selada Dingin (Cold Salad Appetizer)  – IDR 120,000

Sapo Tahu – IDR 80,000

Fried Prawn with Mayonnaise Sauce – IDR 85,000

Peking Duck – IDR 195,000

Birthday Fried Noodle – IDR 70,000

Fried Carp with Sweet and Sour Sauce – IDR 162,000

Fried Eel with Fumak – IDR 60,000

Stir-fry Green Beans with Pork – IDR 52,500

Peking Duck Meat cooked with Blackpepper Sauce
Very cheap considering the food quality and portion.
Typical Chinese restaurants. Stupid room layout and table/seats setting made me feel annoyed and uncomfortable.
Central Restaurant
Jl. Tomang Raya No. 29
Jakarta Barat
Tel. 021- 568 1712