Today I got a chance to meet my old friends again. This time, we decided to eat Korean food, the authentic ones, so this restaurant came up into my mind just immediately. I tried this restaurant before, I wasn’t too impressed, but I kinda enjoyed it. Actually compared to other Korean restaurants in Jakarta, this restaurant serves fairly good food with very reasonable prices. 
The restaurant itself is located in a police department building, around Dharmawangsa area. There is also a Korean-based supermarket named K-Mart just across the restaurant, still in the same complex. It’s really convenient actually, and their goods are fresh and cheap. When the first time I entered the restaurant, I was surprised by the interior design, which is dominated by wood. I was thinking whether I was really in a Korean restaurant or some kind of western places. Every table has its own griller place, which can be opened or closed when needed. They also have the smoke ventilator on every table, which doesn’t look too pretty but I guess they do their jobs.
A very, very simple menu :p
The entrance where you can see fridges with those red meat posters!
The red meat display, LIVE from the entrance door 🙂
Interior design is dominated by wood and brown color.

A lot of Korean ceramics and dining utensils in the display case.
Preparing the griller

Water, charcoal, fire, griller, ready to grill!

Each of us get this, some kind of soup thing?

Pepper, garlic (?), and the fermented bean chili sauce

The dip sauce tastes really nice when combined with the meat.
Appetizer 1 – carrot, cucumber, pork

Appetizer 2 – Kimchi

Appetizer 3 – Turnip

Appetizer 4 – Pumpkin, carrot
Appetizer 5 – Egg with vegetables
Veggie basket that they serve the moment we sit on our tables.

Jumul-luk (Rp. 97.000,-)
These are beef, taste really nice, but I wish they serve more for a portion!

Yang-nyom Galbi (Rp. 55.000,-)
These meats look big when raw, but I still think they should serve more!

Yuk Gae Jang (Rp. 48.000,-)
Hot soup with Korean noodles, very nice.
Dolsot Bibimbab (Rp. 45.000,-)
Dolsot Bibimbab -after mixed-

Mul Neng Myon (Rp. 45.000,-)
Green thin noodles served cold (literally, it’s ice cold clear soup).
Ordered this out of curiosity, and I have to say this is sooo weird. 
Thanks to my friend, M, who is strong enough to eat this weird noodle!
The sauces that are supposedly put on the weird ice noodles:
left one tastes like mustard, but so much bitter; right one is just like vinegar.
The free-flow ice tea 🙂
I have to say the food are nice. Atmosphere is okay. The drinks (hot or cold tea) are served for free. And they will serve watermelon as desserts, for free. For Korean lovers, all you see would be Korean men wearing white shirts and neckties, especially during dinner. Price is excellent. Definitely recommended.
Chung Gi Wa
Jl. Dharmawangsa III No. 2
Tel. 6221-726 1924