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Especially for food hunters, Grand Indonesia mall never fails us for finding food places.

The amount of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, even food courts are too many! Even until now, I haven’t finished trying all of them because the new joints keep opening and it’s almost impossible to catch up with everything.

Last time when I was there to try Itacho Sushi, I came too early and Itacho wasn’t even opened yet, so I decided to stop by Sumoboo that I had spotted earlier when I came out from elevator. Sumoboo is not a new brand but this outlet in Grand Indonesia is quite new (it was about 1 month old during my visit). FYI, due to its popularity, Sumoboo has been spreading its wings from Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area to Mall Taman Anggrek, Mall Central Park, Mall Kota Kasablanka (KoKas), and now, Grand Indonesia. Impressive, eh?

Sumoboo Grand Indonesia is located on the level 3A of West Mall, opposite to Tokyo Belly and next to Yoshinoya. If I am not wrong, the place used to be occupied by a Japanese curry restaurant, but I had never tried it before. Sumoboo outlets are usually very crowded and we need to queue or wait to get a table, but luckily, it was still around 10.30AM and empty!

The place is not quite small, and decorated with wooden furniture, bright round hanging lamps, and some greens. It’s a typical Japanese-style trendy café in Jakarta, casual and lovely.


Sumoboo is mostly known for its cute Japanese-themed desserts, but they also serve heavier meals such as the Naked Ramen, rice and pasta menu. Beside those, there is also extensive selection of snacks and drinks (including alcoholic ones), so either you come alone or with family, there is always something for everyone! #notadvertisement

Prices range from IDR 6,000 to 58,000.

Let’s move on to the food (and drinks!), shall we?

Strawberry Smoothies IDR 19,000

Recommended by the waiter as one of their best-selling drinks. The strawberry taste was prominent but too bad, it was too frozen. Smoothies should be smooth (duh) and this had too much ice blended inside and ruined the drink somehow.


Iced Nutella IDR 29,000

A not-so-succesful attempt of Nutella-based drink, someone please enlighten me again where the Nutella is? Rather than Nutella, it tasted more like a cheap milk drink infused by a little of chocolate.


Original Jasmine Tea IDR 16,000


Chicken Chop On Rice IDR 48,000

We thought it is something served in the bowl just like regular donburi, but it isn’t. The chicken chop is a fried chicken – a breed between chicken katsu and teriyaki – which was served with sesame dressing along with seasoned rice and cooked egg.

The sesame dressing is clearly something uncalled for and it was awesome. It has perfect balance of sweet and savory taste that goes well with the chicken. Must try.


Tori Popcorn Naked Ramen IDR 38,000

Naked Ramen is one of Sumoboo’s specialties beside their popular desserts. The unique thing about this is the soupless ramen, and of course the spiciness level which is available from 0 to 40. I chose level 25 only because I am such a chicken just wanted to try first. It turned to be not too spicy (for me) but for some people, perhaps it’s already considered spicy.


The ramen’s noodle is the curly and chewy type, which reminds me of typical noodle from Chinese noodle stalls. The tori popcorn was okay but it would be better if it had more crisp. If you don’t want the popcorn, you can settle with regular chicken for the topping.


Unagi Donburi IDR 58,000

Rice topped with 3 slices of big unagi, not bad. The unagi is thick and not too soft, but very well-seasoned. By this time, I concluded that the meals always come with cooked egg and seaweed garnishes, simple yet decent.


Sumoboo’s Dessert (Complete) IDR 35,000

The complete Sumoboo’s dessert bowl with all the available ingredients: bomb ball, big boba, mochi, ice cream, red bean, pudding, and taro. A delightful dessert, overall. Remember to pour the milk down and mix everything well, then enjoy!

DSC_9088 DSC_9059

Boo! Kakigori Matcha IDR 30,000

Beside the infamous Nutella Bomb dessert, I kind of identify Sumoboo with this Boo! Kakigori which comes in 5 different flavors: Matcha, Ogura, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate.

The serving portion is actually very big and my photo doesn’t even do the right judge describing the size. The flavor you choose will decide the base color of the character (dog?), mine is green because I chose matcha. The shaved ice has strong matcha syrup flavor, sweet but nicely neutralized by the ice itself. I recommend to share this because clearly even 2-4 person can enjoy one serving together.


 I think Sumoboo is going strong with its concept especially the cute desserts, which are good products for the Instagram-crazed public nowadays. Food were okay but are not something as a reason to come back, likewise with the drinks. I heard from many friends that the service in some Sumoboo outlets are not too good, but I didn’t experience any.

Nevertheless, I am gonna come back for the desserts for sure!

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.


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