There is a (not so new) shabu shabu restaurant here in Jakarta, which currently is holding yet another all you can eat promotion for only Rp. 115.000,- +++/person. 
Not bad if you see the ads, claiming that they serve Australian Angus beef, seafood, any kind of vegetables and udon. And since it’s all-you-can-eat, it will come as you request, until you feel those food are enough to feed your stomaches.
So, the restaurant itself has a modern minimalist interior design and for me it’s very comfortable. When I went there, it was daytime on a weekday, so basically we were just the only guest that time. I really like how they set the tables up because I say it again, it feels really comfortable.
A little glance of the interior

Garlic, daikon and sliced green onion 
to mix with the dipping sauce

.. or sliced chili peppers if you like it hot.


Appetizer #1: Hamburger
They use angus beef and tonkatsu sauce, yummy!

Appetizer #2: Kimchi

Appetizer #3: Namul (pokchoy with sesame oil)
It’s actually very nice! Crunchy and light.

Appetizer #4: Goguma Bokum 
Sweet potato with caramel sauce, my favorite!

I really like the high-tech stove, very convenient.

Free-flowing angus beef 😀
The beef is very nice but the slices are way too thin. Well, I think I should not complain about it because it’s all you can eat promotion, anyway. The seafood and vegetables are fresh, and everything looked so neat and perfect. 
The service was excellent too. I hope it was not because we were the only guests eating there that time, though. The waiters/waitresses were so nice and helpful. They always came to us whenever we have empty plates on our table, and offering another plate again and again.
I’ll definitely come back here again.
Rating: 9/10
Central Park Mall 1F 113A
Tel. 62-21-56985585