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I am blessed to live in Indonesia, a country of diversity with so many rich cultures and differences. In term of cuisine, I can never get enough of Indonesian food. Each area has its own unique cuisine, and although many people associate Indonesian cuisine with Padang food, there are so many other mouth-watering dishes from all over the country.

Mamink Daeng Tata is specializing in grilled beef ribs, firstly originated by H. Muhammad Amir Rahim (Mamink Daeng Tata), who had one thing in his mind – to introduce and popularize Makassar (South Sulawesi) cuisine in Jakarta. He opened the first “kaki lima” (street stall) shop in Jalan Dr. Supomo, South Jakarta, in 1993. It gained popularity very quickly so he started a simple restaurant the year after (1994) in Jalan Casablanca 33, the center and main outlet -also the one that I am going to write in this post.

The restaurant itself looks very simple and small from outside, but in fact, the area is quite big and it even has its own parking space behind the restaurant. Mamink Daeng Tata is so popular that it’s always crowded with ribs-craving guests and if you want to visit, make sure to come early to secure a table!


Separated into 3 main area, we noticed there is a first dining area without air conditioner in the front, the open kitchen in the middle, and farther in the back, there is (seemingly) newer dining area with air conditioners.

DSC_0487 DSC_0496

Mamink Daeng Tata is popular for its Tata Ribs, their own creation of beef ribs covered in mixture of spices and soy beans then grilled over charcoal. For konro lovers, worry not, they are also available. The konro is served with two big rib bones, with process of boiling for 3 hours before it’s enhanced with herbs and spices.

Beside these signature dishes, they also serve other famous Makassar food like coto Makassar, fried ribs, and red fried rice. Prices range from IDR 1,000 to 53,000.

Tata Ribs (Size A) IDR 53,000

The infamous Tata Ribs comes in 2 serving size: A (IDR 53K) and B (IDR 46K). Each plate will be accompanied with super tasty soup which goes perfectly with the peanut sauce. The ribs are big and meaty, but not too tender. It was quite difficult for me to take the meat out of the bone, even with the knife. Taste-wise, it was heavenly good. The spices and flavors really absorbed well to the thick meat, excellent.


Iga Goreng Dabu Dabu (Size A) IDR 53,000

Tried the fried version of the ribs, and I actually loved it! The dabu dabu sauce wasn’t really kicking my tastebud but I love how fresh the ingredients were. The ribs meat had a crispy layer because it was fried and gave a totally different taste with the grilled one, especially because this had a distinctive buttery taste on the meat. However, it took more than 30 minutes for it to be served, and the ribs size shrank so much compared to the grilled ones. So, grilled ones FTW!


Coto Daeng Tata IDR 30,000

At the first glance, this looked so much like soto Betawi but it isn’t similar at all. The soup has a rich flavor which probably comes from long hours of cooking and massive usage of herbs and spices combined altogether. For the contents, you can also ask for internal organs if you prefer so!


Sop Sodara Daeng Tata IDR 30,000

Curious to try because of its name, seriously! (see how you should consider renaming your menu to be more interesting?) The sop sodara – or, “sibling soup”, literally – is very interesting even from the appearance. The clear brown soup is “stained” with brown-ish particles which I assumed coming from bone marrow or something. The taste was fantastic. One spoonful of the soup, I was sold! I chose mine with all the jeroan (internal organs) included, tasted so good I could cry. Better yet, I ate this during lunch with 2 of my siblings, enough said.

DSC_0516 DSC_0522

Sate Ayam IDR 18,000


Nasi Goreng Merah IDR 25,000

Red fried rice is one of most popular dishes from Makassar beside the konro, and we all have Baji Pamai in Jakarta. So glad to find it here and for IDR 25K, I got a complete red fried rice with sunny side up on top. The fried rice was beyond delicious with its strong smokey flavor yet moist rice. Don’t miss this for sure!

DSC_0526 DSC_0527

We were very full after all the big servings, but the desserts were too good to be ignored. Can you believe that they have one full page of menu for drinks, cakes and desserts?

Es Kacang Merah IDR 20,000

The seemingly most popular dessert there according to the staff, the red bean ice contains of red beans, colorful agar, and grass jelly.


Es Palu Butung IDR 20,000

A Makassar cuisine experience is not complete without Palu Butung as the dessert, agree? I especially like the banana here because they were so soft and sweet. The rice flour in the bottom gave nice texture to the whole ice bowl. Now if only the ice were smoothly shaved or served in smaller blocks, that would be better.


Sop Duren IDR 13,000 each

Tried the Original, with Sticky Rice, and with Mung Bean. The durian was sweet and given quite generously, probably almost a scoop then sprinkled with grated cheese.


Overall, I and my companions were very happy with our lunch in Mamink Daeng Tata. It had been long since the last time we really enjoyed eating something so much without feeling “robbed”. If you know me, I love trying new restaurants and such, but I have been pretty skeptical about the latest hypes recently as most all the time I am disappointed. The main reason for me going to restaurants is for the food, and sadly, many restaurants owners nowadays forget the essence of opening a new joint, which is actually: eating.

Anyway, hopefully I can explore more restaurants like this in the future and if you guys have any recommendation, please share and let me know! Thank you! 😉

*All prices are subject to 10% government tax

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.


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