Noodle is always a simple choice to satisfy our hunger anytime. It can be enjoyed anytime, day or night, and there are so many things we can do with our noodle. Ramen, probably the most famous version of Japanese noodle, is easily found everywhere in Indonesia nowadays. But what if we tell you that there is a ramen shop that sells 100% pork and alcohol free dishes? Yes, let us introduce you to YAGAMI RAMEN HOUSE, a local-based ramen shop originated from Bandung! YAGAMI provides 100% pork and alcohol free ramen (they even don’t use mirin and sake, forgodsake!) and apparently they already have 4 outlets (1 in Bandung, 2 in Jakarta, and 1 in Cikarang) and now they are opening the 5th outlet in Gading Serpong.


YAGAMI RAMEN HOUSE just had its 5th outlet’s Grand Opening on 11 March 2017.

Honestly I had never been in any of their outlets so I had nothing to expect before my visit here. The Gading Serpong outlet is located inside Ruko Beryl 2 complex, and it was quite easy to find because we visited on their Grand Opening day when a lot of stick werk were seen in front of the building. They occupy two floors for dining area, and although the place is regular size of normal ruko but surprisingly it can fit quite a lot of guests inside. Interestingly, the simple place is decorated with unique, authentic Japanese anime tidbits like wall paintings, posters and many others.


The place was full house during our visit because it was their Grand Opening day and they are having promotion of Buy One Get One for all ramen menu. Frankly speaking, their prices are considered very cheap affordable for a handmade ramen, and the promotion made it even more attractive. Smart strategy to bring guests in on your first day of opening! XD

So, as the name suggests, the main offer of this restaurant is the ramen. Here you can find many types of broth, from vegetable, seafood, or chicken broth. Apparently, the owner has some serious determination because he flew directly to Japan to learn about making a delicious chicken broth for his ramen. Amazing, right? Too bad, all variants of chicken broth ramen were completely unavailable during our visit so we didn’t get to try any! *cries* To be exact, there were only two types of ramen available that day: Wakame Ramen (vegetable broth) and Tom Yum Ramen (seafood broth), so if next time we go back and try the chicken broth ramen, we’ll definitely update this post, okay?


Here, you can choose the type of soup you like, then the type of noodle (they have Original, Medium size, or Udon), and add toppings as much as you like.

Wakame Ramen IDR 18,000

Imagining eating my ramen with vegetable-based broth is not really captivating at all, or so I thought. In contrary, the wakame ramen totally changed by perception about vegetable broth, it was light yet tasty enough to make me wanting more of it. The taste was simple, but you can almost taste the fragrant soup mixed with the toppings. For additional flavor, we recommend having some Grilled Chicken (IDR 12,000) or US Beef Slice (IDR 9,000) for toppings, make sure you try before and after. Sometimes we can enjoy the simplicity better after we deal with complexity, if you know what I mean.

DSC_8184-4 DSC_8191-6 DSC_8195-8 DSC_8192-7

Tom Yum Ramen IDR 20,000

People expect, and when you expect something, be prepared to be disappointed. Yes, that’s what we felt after our first sip. The tom yum was claimed to be one of the guests’ favorites, yet missing its key point: the actual flavor of real tom yum. The soup tasted light and dominated by sweetness, it reminded us of  Indonesian sayur asam, like, so much. The usage of medium noodle in this ramen helped a bit in absorbing more flavor of the soup, but since we didn’t enjoy the soup, it was difficult to enjoy the ramen. We guess it has been adjusted to local taste because that’s how most tom yum tastes in many restaurants in Jakarta, IMHO.

DSC_8204-11 DSC_8205-12

Gyu Butter Gohan IDR 25,000

Beside ramen, YAGAMI also offers many selections of rice dishes and our first choice went to this. US Beef slice and vegetable cooked with butter and shoyu, served with rice, sounded like the best option that afternoon. The beef was well-seasoned but it was a bit too sweet, although everything else was already perfect. And for such price, it was definitely a gem.


Chicken Katsu Curry IDR 29,000

Good portion of chicken katsu curry with generous ingredients, what else can I ask for?


Melted Tako Cheese Okonomiyaki IDR 29,000

We were surprised they also have okonomiyaki/takoyaki in their menu, so we decided to give it a try. This one is the most recommended one according to the owner, where they use octopus, cheese, and mozzarella as topping. Presentation is beautiful, served in a hotplate and in perfect shape. Taste was decent although we barely found cabbage inside, let alone the octopus. XD However, we think it can be enjoyed by both adults and children while waiting for their main course.

DSC_8206-13 DSC_8209-13

Milo Godzilla IDR 21,000

We always love menu of something dinosaur, or godzilla sounds even better! They also have Milo Dinosaurs menu, the difference is that the Godzilla has a scoop of ice cream on top. We were expecting the drink in larger glass just like other places’ Milo Dinosaurs, only to find that it is served in regular-size glass, LOL. Must say that the Milo was generously stirred though as the taste was bold, not to mention that they add more powder on top.


Anmitsu IDR 29,000

A fusion version of Japanese anmitsu, this one resembles more of Taiwanese-style dessert rather than Japanese. Consisting of boba pearl, azuki beans, egg pudding, taro pudding, milk pudding, and ice cream; it’s very easy to the eyes and also to the tongue. We especially loved the taro pudding, which is very fragrant. The dessert is a nice ending for our lunch that day because it was refreshing and not too sweet. Must order to complete your meal in YAGAMI.


Our first visit to YAGAMI RAMEN HOUSE was short yet memorable, especially because we could taste such a good vegetable-based broth ramen made by local. We seriously can’t wait to go back and try their chicken broth ramen and other unavailable menu during our visit last time. Last but not least, congratulations for the opening of Gading Serpong outlet and hereby we wish you a very good luck! <33



** This review is written based on our visit on 11 March 2017.


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