Merry Christmas!
It’s christmas eve tonight so celebrating with great drinks is probably the best idea. Initially we wanted to have a sip in any place in Senayan Arcadia (well, because the place rocks, and it’s near from my house), but when we got there, the hundreds bottles behind the shop windows attracted him us the most.
I heard about this place so often but had never tried it yet. I always thought that it must be very pricey and I don’t really go to restaurants to “drink”. So, somehow going to this kind of place will usually be out of options when choosing a place to eat. What I knew was that this place always have a large display of various wines, sake, alcoholic drinks -you name it- all around the place and I think it’s a neat idea to let your guests browsing through hundreds collection of drinks, pick one and pop one or two bottles.
We wanted to pick a wine, but since there were just two of us, we decided we’ll pass this time and will just enjoy other drinks that are available.
Hoegaarden Light Beer (Rp. 79.000,-)

Mixed Nut Plate (Rp. 15.000,-)
Funny how in a place like this, you’ll have to ASK
and actually PAY for this.

Penne Carbonara (Rp. 48.000,-)

Evita Cocktail (Rp. 69.000,-)
Bitter and sweet, nice and refreshing.

Blueberry Kamikaze (Rp. 52.000,-)
Quite strong but very nice. 
I wish they added garnishes, though.
The place is great. Not many people, though. Which is a surprise for me because I thought *any* restaurants or just fancy places like these would be so crowded with people celebrating christmas. We got there around 9pm, which I think a good moment to enjoy some drinks and just relax. But maybe some other people prefer to celebrate it later towards midnight time. 
Drinks were great, at least the one that we ordered. But next time we definitely want to try the wine! And food, I don’t really want to make any judgement though, because we just ordered one food and it tastes like, just standard penne carbonara. I think this maybe not a place to eat because I saw all the other tables and noone ordered any food! I mean, everyone seems to be there just to enjoy drinks and hang out.
The atmosphere of the shop is great. Music and service are also nice. Too bad we didn’t take pictures of the place! Maybe next time, because I’ll definitely go back anytime soon.
Overall Rating: 9/10
VIN+ Arcadia
Jl. New Delhi No. 9 Pintu Satu Senayan
Jakarta Pusat 10270