I don’t remember how many times I have visited this restaurant but one thing I can say is that I absolutely love this place! Usually I go to the outlet in Sudirman area, never tried the Kuningan one, passed by the one in Bali but didn’t try that out (I heard the one in Bali has the best interior and food).

Located in Energy Building in Sudirman area
Bar area, good place to just drink and hang out.
Interesting showcase of the fresh desserts and drinks.
Very minimal lighting yet so romantic 🙂
Complimentary slices of bread with fresh tomatoes.
Complimentary basket contains of various types of bread.
Insalata Di Cesare (Rp. 33.000,-)
Pappardelle Verdi Al Funghi Misti (Rp. 44.000,-)
Tagliatelle Nero Al Salmone (Rp. 44.000,-)
Ravioli Al Nero Di Seppia (Rp. 44.000,-)
Capricciosa Pizza (Rp. 43.000,-)
The food are nice like usual. But I feel that this time, something is missing. Like everything is made from fresh ingredients, yes, but the taste is not as strong like usual. Everything somehow feels like.. tasteless. And when I asked those who went with me also, they too felt the same. Well, I don’t know why, though. I just hope they have some kind of quality control so it’ll survive for a long time. I still want to come here again because I still think it’s one of the best Italian restaurants in Jakarta.
Shirley Temple (Rp. 29.000,-)
Limone Sorbet Gelati (Rp. 19.000,-)
Needless to say, this is one of my fave restaurants. My overall rating won’t be damaged just because of one quite-disappointing visit. So it’ll be still 9/10.
The Energy Building, The Glass Bridge, Mezzanine
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 58, SCBD Lot 11A
JakartaIndonesia 12190
+62 21 5296 4006