Dumont Cake is an online shop specializing in customized cakes and cookies that has been running since 2010. Few weeks ago, we had the products photoshoot session arranged at home of the owner herself, Ms. Grace Makadala, so I might as well write about them here on the blog.

This time, Dumont Cake introduces their buttercream cakes series, which consists of 5 classic cakes which are customizable according to our preferences.

Lemon Cake

This elegant lemon cake is complimented with lemon filling and meringue frosting. The lemon scent and flavor are really strong here, some might find it a bit too sour. Personally I really like it because it had unbearable sharp lemon scent that sorts of cleansing my palate nicely.


Mud Cake

Comes with chocolate ganache frosting, this mud cake looks simple yet elegant. I especially love the swirls motive of the frosting, beautiful. Sprinkled with golden-colored roasted nuts, I definitely can’t say no to this pretty and mouth-watering chocolate cake.


Carrot Cake

Made with Canola oil, freshly grated carrot, chopped walnut, then covered with cream cheese frosting and generous spread of cinnamon powder.


After my fantabulous carrot cake experience in Publik Markette Grand Indonesia last time, I must say this carrot cake amazed me, in a good way. The cake is solid, yet beautifully crumbled in the inside. Taste-wise, it was pleasantly sweet, enhanced by additional sweetened cream cheese frosting. The texture was okay, it was solid like you can see in the photo, so it was a little dry and less moist compared to other cakes.


Mocca Mesjes Cake

If you are a fan of classic cakes, you will probably love this like I do. The mocca mesjes cake is delicious. I love how fragrant the cake is, how airy and spongy the texture is, not mentioning that it still maintains its softness and moisture so well.


Lapis Surabaya

The Lapis Surabaya comes with rhum (optional), strawberry jam filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. It’s classic, familiar to Indonesians, and still amongst the best-selling products of Dumont Cake. Need I say more?

DSC_2314 DSC_2335

Tiramisu Pudding

A perfect combination of mascarpone cheese with coffee drops in silky soft pudding texture that comes in a reusable bake-able plate.

An interesting concept to begin with. Was expecting something softer and smoother, but the texture was actually quite hard for a silky soft pudding. Taste was okay, I could notice the faint hint of coffee and milk, but of course it would be better if it has richer flavors infused in the pudding.


Beside the cakes, I also tried 4 types of the cookies: Machiatto, Hazelnut, Palmstick, and Butter Cookies. One thing about the cookies is that they come in tiny sizes, which I don’t know why. Please note that the photos below don’t represent the actual sizes of the cookies.

Machiatto Cookies

Coffee flavored cookies with dark and milk chocolate chip.


Hazelnut Cookies

The hazelnut cookies are stars-shaped, a perfect snack material for family especially kids.

DSC_2244Beside the cakery, Dumont Cake also offers various cake-making courses as posted on their blog. For more info such as pricelist and how to order, check the information below. Ciao!


*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.


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