“You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Very true. No, for me it’s not someone, but something… Chicken Wings!! Luckily, on this past Monday, Wingstop has finally opened their 1st branch in Indonesia, in Jakarta, no less. Hurray!! What’s Wing Stop? Simple, it’s a stop for wings (duh!). They came straight from the US, where chicken wings are very popular. I myself used to down 25+ chicken wings straight back in college. Now I can finally do it again over here! (All prices shown here include 10% tax)

Little Taiwan Out, Wing Stop In!
Wing Stop is located on LG in Kota Kasablanka (KoKas) Mall. The location itself used to be Little Taiwan. Dunno what happened to it. Cooking Panda is right next door. At the grand opening was Robert O. Blake, Jr., US Ambassador giving an introductory speech. This branch must have been very important then.

Say Hello to The WIng Experts
Even before entering the building, we were greeted by big twin banners advertising the Hawaiian sauce. Wonder why they chose it over the others… (My money is on you, Louisiana Rub!)

Just for Laughs
My favorite is the 2nd one: “All’s fair in life and wings”. Which one is yours?

18 Chicken Wings (3 Flavors) and 2 Dipping Sauces – IDR 132K
If you don’t want to get your hands dirty (are you serious??), they sell Boneless Wings, too. But we know the best meat is eaten off the bone. Just like in the US, you get to select from a large variety of sauces, 10 to be exact, in the order of hotness: Atomic, Cajun, Original Hot, Louisiana Rub, Mild, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Hawaiian, and Teriyaki. There are also dipping sauces: Hot Aged Cheddar Cheese (not available yet), Honey Mustard (the yellow sauce), and Creamy Ranch (the white one). No Blue Cheese?? NOOOOOOOO!!! At least the two dipping sauces hit the spot for me.

Chicken Wings (Louisiana Rub)
My favorite. Great balance of flavors.

Chicken Wings (Cajun)
I love cajun spices but this one was very salty I could barely taste the cajun-ness. Hmm… perhaps during transport a barrel of salt fell down and got mixed with the cajun seasoning… Quite disappointing.

Chicken WIngs (Lemon Pepper)
Tasted exactly like… lemon and pepper! Not so bad, not so good, either.

3 Boneless Strips – IDR 38K
Garlic Parmesan never disappoints me. If you are new to the chicken wing scene, try this one out second (after Teriyaki).

Large Fries – IDR 15K
Crispy, tasty, right amount of salt. Basically what fries should be.

Everything We Ordered

Chicken Burger (Atomic) – IDR 35K
OK, I lied. The burger was left behind, mind you. One bite and first you tasted the sourness, then a burning sensation followed by a hot-bitter taste. Hello, Cayenne Pepper! Very American, I loved it. Not for the faint-hearted.

Cajun Rice – IDR 18K
Hmm… rice! They sell rice here. As expected, both Regular Rice and Cajun Rice didn’t make it to the top. Hard and bland, unfortunately.

Lemonade (M) – IDR 11K
I missed Lemonade, and this one did it. Went very well with the wings.

Minty Green Tea (L) – IDR 18K
Toothpaste, anyone?

Double Choco Melt – IDR 25K
Nothing special. Looked horrible but at least the chocolate taste was prominent.

Comfy-but-Hot Interior
Even when there were a few people, the place was quite hot. Perhaps the AC was broken… As we waited for our food, they served us cookies! We were so delighted that we forgot to take a picture of them. Oops!

Hickory Smoked BBQ
While ordering, I talked to one of the employees there who then offered me some wing samples. I got the Hickory Smoked BBQ. They sure didn’t hold back on the sauce, as it was real BBQ sauce. If you’re into BBQ sauce then ask no question, this one is really for you.
First Impression
Comfortable and inviting. Long-awaited authentic American food place.
Clean indoor and outdoor. A bit hot though due to malfunctioning AC.

American chicken wings, albeit some sauces are too salty compared to US counterparts. Stay away from both types of rice. Wings are smaller than their US counterparts.
It’s alright for this kind of food. Expect ~IDR 50K per person.

Staffs were courteous and friendly.

Yes, I will be back. *glance at Super Fun Party Set*

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