Who doesn’t love lasagna? For me, I have always been a lasagna lover since I tried my first one back in high school. However, the more I ate various lasagna in many places, I began to be more and more picky, it is kind of difficult to find lasagna that has authenticity in Jakarta. 
This time, I am going to write about a lasagna from Lasagna Lasagne, an online store that sells homemade lasagna. The owner, Ms. Virra Vinsenssa, studied Culinary Art for 4 years and worked in Food Industry for 2 years before finally opened Lasagna Lasagne on May 2013. As a pasta lover, she had always tried to make better pasta. Her personal favorite is the pasta with tomato based sauce, but she hardly found any place which serves sauce that suits her taste buds. Therefore, she tried making her own and chose lasagna as the pasta as it’s not as easily found everywhere compared to other types of pasta, e.g. spaghetti etc. 

The main concept of Lasagna Lasagne is fresh from the oven. The lasagna are made based on order, and are sent to the customers right away. Beside that, they only use premium quality ingredients and I could tell that the ingredients were indeed very fresh. When the lasagna package arrived in my place, both of them were still very warm, and I just needed to warm it up in the oven or microwave, depends on your liking. Very convenient, isn’t it? 
Classic Beef Lasagna (Large) IDR 95K
This is Lasagna Lasagne’s original creation which is named Classic. I fell in love to it from my first bite, no kidding! It was so thick, full of layers, and every layers were fulfilled with generous amount of ground beef and the tomato sauce, not mentioning the loads of cheese! I actually tried warming this up partly by oven and another by microwave, both tasted equally delicious but I prefer using oven. When I took it out from the oven, I could see the cheese on top were glistening so beautifully, and it actually tasted better. 

Bratwurst Lasagna (Small) IDR 65K

Same with the Classic, the lasagna was full of layers and this was heavenly stuffed with delicious Bratwurst sausages. This is simply our favorite because I could really feel the nice, tasty lasagna with the sausages without too much tomato sauce. Personally, I think the tomato sauce was a bit too sweet for my liking, but it was good. 

There are 4 variants of lasagna that can be ordered in Lasagna Lasagne:
  • Classic Beef Lasagna
  • Mushroom Tomato Lasagna
  • Mix Mushroom and Beef Lasagna
  • Bratwurst Lasagna
Size & Pricing:

Classic, Mix and Mushroom
Large (Oval) 18x8x4.5cm IDR 95K
Small (Rectangle) 15x7x3cm IDR 55K
Large (Oval) 18x8x4.5cm IDR 110K
Small (Rectangle) 15x7x3cm IDR 65K
If you need the lasagna in other sizes, they can make custom sizes too! 
Lasagna Lasagne
Ph. +62 856 1300 086