Last time when I visited The Stacks Burger, I finished my late lunch with some liquid nitrogen ice creams from the neighboring shop, LIN Artisan Ice Cream. Also founded by Astrid Hadywibowo, this fancy and cool-looking shop claims to be the first shop that serves liquid nitrogen ice cream in Indonesia. Located in Taman Kemang area, the place is not hard to find if you’re familiar with the area, but if you’re not, make sure to find the words “I Scream Ice Cream!” from the street, because that’s what catches the eyes first.

Pure Creamy Hazelnut IDR 45K
This was served with crunchy chocolate wafers, and honestly, I fell in love right away since the first try. First of all, I am a total sucker for anything hazelnut, and nothing can beat the distinctive taste of hazelnut in this gelato! Without being overly sweet, it was very enjoyable and I felt like I was eating frozen Ferrero Rocher. Will definitely come back only for a cup of this!

Milo Dinosaurs IDR 41K
Who doesn’t love Milo? As one of the most delicious, yummiest chocolate drinks ever, a taste of Milo is always good for ice cream flavor. And this one was not an exception, the gelato was already very Milo, added with extra Milo powder on top, it was a total guilty pleasure. Recommended to the max!!

Cheesy Cheese IDR 41K
Frankly speaking, I am not a fan of cheese, cream cheese, and its kind, so I didn’t really like this one. It would be a perfect choice for milk, cream, and cheese lovers though because of its rich texture and taste. Served with strawberry bites, it was refreshing and helped a lot balancing the flavor.

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate IDR 39K
Dark chocolate is always my favorite kind of chocolate and I was glad it is in the list. The dark chocolate was REAL, with a decent bitterness that I really looooveee! Added with chocolate chips, the cup was a heavenly treat just perfect for anyone.

Fresh Mandarin Orange Sorbet IDR 39K
I could tell that the sorbet was really made from real mandarin orange fruits and it tasted exactly the same with the fruit only in different form. Although it wasn’t my favorite, I like how it was naturally sweet and a bit bitter, they probably didn’t add extra sugar or sweetener.

Actually, LIN’s ice creams are very good, taste-wise, texture-wise, and also price-wise. Although I know that these shops invest a lot in the machines, equipments and ingredients, sometimes the prices are extremely ridiculous. In here, though, I think the prices are very reasonable and still affordable, makes me think that the experience is worth the money I spend. Well, maybe that’s just me, but still.
Overall, a very nice and comfortable place to relax and enjoy some delicious ice creams. They also sell homemade waffles, coffees and various drinks. So why don’t you grab yours now? 🙂

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LIN Artisan Ice Cream
Jl. Taman Kemang I No. 6
Jakarta Selatan
Ph. +62 21 7179 4393
Wi-fi: Available

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