Bakmi Permata has been there for quite a long time already. I always went there for lunch or just using the delivery service to enjoy their menu. Of course their specialties are noodles but that doesn’t mean they don’t serve other food as well. This time we chose to share foods on the table so we didn’t order the noodle or any individual set.
Kangkung Hot Plate Sapi (Rp. 35.000,-)
It’s basically water spinach cooked with sliced beef 
served in a hot plate. Very delicious!

Tahu Rica-Rica (Rp. 28.181,-)
Under the yummy-looking sauce, toufu is waiting for you!

Ifumie (Rp. 28.182,-)
Yet another great food! Crispy and crunchy.

Steak Daging (Rp. 36.364,-)
Nice but not as good what I expected. 
The fried potato slices are winners, though 🙂

Definitely a good place to eat if you’re craving for a ‘usual’ chinese food with good prices. After you finish eating, they’ll give you a complimentary Bakmi Permata’s infamous dessert. It’s a small plate of boiled cassava, glutinous rice, with coconut milk. Very, very nice. 
Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Bakmi Permata
Jl. Nikel Blok D 6-8
Permata Hijau 
Jakarta Selatan