Last month during Ramadan, we made our first trip to Garut, West Java, and stayed at Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort for 2 nights. Although West Java is easily accessible from Jakarta, I just realized that we rarely go around the area and had no idea at all of what was waiting for us there. Kamojang Green itself is quite well-known as one of the good hotels and resorts in Garut, but since the location is quite far from the city of Garut, it’s very ideal for guests who want to have quiet holiday and don’t go around so much.

From Jakarta, it took us about 5+ hours to reach the hotel, including a short break at a rest area. After we passed Bandung, the roads were not so good and there is no highway, so yeah. Fortunately, the view during the journey is amazing because we got to see the mountain, the green fields, and…. the fogs, lots of them. XD


Kamojang Green is nested in 6.5 hectares of land with a design inspired by Sundanese village. From the entrance, we can clearly see the concept, and since the hotel is surrounded by mountains, the air is fresh and cool, supporting the semi open air style of the hotel. We had a smooth check-in and were given a ride by a staff with buggy to reach our villa.


Reception area.


Spacious and comfortable lobby.


Guests are escorted to the villas using buggy.

Kamojang Green has 2 types of accommodations: a hotel room and villa. For the hotel room, there is only 1 type of room called Premier, but we stayed at a villa there. For the villa, there are 3 types of villa, basically they have same facilities, only the area and size are different; Azalea for 1 bedroom villa, Ambrosia for 2 bedroom villa, and Magnolia for 3 bedroom villa. We stayed at Ambrosia villa and let’s see what we experienced!


Our 2 bedroom villa, front view.

Ambrosia villa has 2 bedroom, one downstairs (with bathroom) and another one is upstairs. There are 2 bathrooms in the villa, but the other one is located just near the entrance, although I personally prefer bathroom inside the bedroom. The bedrooms sizes are equally the same, but well, there is no air conditioner at all. When I was a kid, I went to Puncak very often with my family and our villa doesn’t even have air conditioner and I had never complained about it, but it was back in 1980s and early 90s, when mountain areas were not as polluted as today and we could still feel the mountain breeze and such. Although I go to mountain area, I prefer my hotels to have air conditioners installed, whether we use it or not, it doesn’t matter. Well, that’s just my point of view, but seriously, hotels without aircons are simply a turn off for me, period.

P1450413-10 P1450406-8 P1450407-9

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But my disappointment went away the moment I opened the sliding door towards the terrace. I mean, look at the pictures! The villas are built on water with lots of fishes (and they are always very hungry, LOL!) and breath-taking view of other villas. The water might not be the cleanest one in the world, but the reflection it makes… just WOW! I felt that during our stay here, we spent most of our times here in this place, either sitting around talking or just feeding the fishes. It made me relaxed and felt like I was in holiday, I love these times the most!


Beautiful terrace overlooking the other villas and the pond, I can spend the whole day here admiring the beauty.


Small heaven on earth.

P1450610-10 copy

Every villa has its own access directly to the pond, you can use the wooden boat as much as you like!


You can choose to row your own boat and have a private time, or hop on to the boat with hotel staff rowing it for you.


A view you can’t enjoy everyday in your busy city life.


Better yet, every villa has a private jacuzzi bath, situated outdoor (with roof). The tub is quite big and can fit up to 8 person, I think. The stream is great and powerful, it is very relaxing especially when your body is tired. The downside is only the thin wall separating the tubs in each room, if your neighbors are using the tub at the same time with you and they are very noisy, you can easily hear them and get very annoyed. It happened to us too and we couldn’t enjoy our bath anymore since our neighbor was literally screaming, talking, and laughing very loudly next door.


For in-house facilities, Kamojang Green offers so many activities that we can enjoy with our partner, friends, and families. Basically when you are inside the complex, you don’t even need to go anywhere else because they already prepare everything for you. For example, the swimming pool is located upstairs, one level above the villa and restaurant area, with a breath-taking view overlooking the mountains and surrounded by greens. Beside the large main pool, there is also a kids pool located nearby. Beside the swimming pool area, a dining area is also available and sitting there is very relaxing because the air is so refreshing.

P1450526-5 P1450523-4 P1450519-2 P1450520-3P1450669-18 P1450683-19

Teripta Restaurant is the main dining area in Kamojang Green, which is actually the signature building of the hotel. Before my visit to this place, I have seen so many great shots taken here in the social media accounts or visitors’ photos, mainly featuring this uniquely-shaped building that I consider as the icon of Kamojang Green.


Magnificent building of Teripta Restaurant in Kamojang Green.

For breakfast, we can have it in the restaurant or request them to be delivered to our room. Since it was fasting month during our visit and we couldn’t eat outside in the restaurant due to the hotel policy, we chose in-room breakfast service. The delivery was fast and the serving portions were generous.


Breakfast for 4.

P1450624-14 P1450628-15

We also tried some of the dishes here in Teripta Restaurant, some are very good especially the traditional Sundanese dishes which are served with beautiful plating and generous portions, and surprisingly cheap, too. Who says eating in hotel’s restaurant has to make big hole in our pockets? XD


Iconic Teripta Restaurant of Kamojang Green.

P1450727-24 copy

Outdoor seating area overlooking rows of villas and the pond.

P1450711-22 P1450715-23 P1450706-21

If you come with family or friends, we recommend you to order their Sundanese Complete Rice set, which can be shared for 4 person and more. The dish is served in boat-shaped plating, including a pot of Nasi Liwet (rice steamed with coconut milk, spices, and chicken broth), deep-fried gurami fish, salted fish, fried bean curd, tempeh, fresh vegetables or lalapan, sambal, sweet soy sauce, and crackers.

P1450753-2 P1450768-5 copy P1450770-7 P1450765-3 P1450769-6

Surprisingly, the desserts were pretty good too. Sorry for using the word “surprisingly” but I didn’t expect too much and sometimes we got the best when we expect the least. XD Beside the beautiful plating, the desserts were “light” and delicious, not too sweet, and definitely made me want to eat some more! My personal favorite was the Red Velvet Cake (IDR 25,000), so soft and fluffy it was light and moist I liked it!

P1450779-9 P1450777-8 P1450789-10 P1450796-11 P1450740-25P1450797-12

Although Kamojang Green has so many activities to offer, such as Camping Ground, ATV Rides, Paint Ball, Flying Fox, and so on, we didn’t get to try many except the ATV ride. The problem is that our visit was during Ramadan and it was weekdays, the hotel was almost empty and the activities area was simply dead. Mostly all the attractions were closed or not working that time, and I think it’s better to visit the playground during weekends or simply, just avoid coming during Ramadan.

P1450494-22 P1450495-23 P1450498-25 P1450496-24 P1450512-1 P1450501-26P1450817-14 copy

Kamojang Green doesn’t only look beautiful during the day but when the sun goes down, there are so many things to be captured as well. I personally like seeing the pathway towards our villa, with the well-maintained greens surrounding our way to the villa, it is super pretty. The pond can be very dark during the night but I love seeing the lights reflection in the water.

P1450597-1 P1450600-8 P1450845-16

Overall, our 2 nights stay in Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort was great. We felt that despite of the lack of air conditioner, we still managed to enjoy every moments there. Thanks to the fishes, the terrace, and the fresh air, we felt very rejuvenated leaving the hotel. Hopefully this review can help you when deciding where to stay when you visit Garut, thank you for reading! 😉

P1450849-17 P1450852-18


** This review is written based on our stays on 8-10 June 2016.


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