What is your favorite Italian restaurant in Jakarta? For us, we only have several candidates in mind whenever such question appears, although we become rather indecisive when we have to pick one. It was always like that until our first visit to Trattoria Jakarta in Lippo Mall Puri for dinner and we can probably say we have a name here!

Founded by Edoardo Guerrini and Executive Chef Vanni Olivari, Trattoria Cucina Italiana is the result of years of experience in Italy and New York City, and is now a cornerstone of Italian cuisine in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. In Indonesia, there are already several outlets spread around Jakarta, Bali, Gili Trawangan, Semarang, and Medan. In Jakarta alone, they have 5 outlets: 4 in South Jakarta, and this one in West Jakarta.


The Lippo Mall Puri outlet is located at Lower Ground (LG) level of the mall, frankly speaking they don’t have the best location because it is quite hidden and the flow of people is not really good around there. Just look for the BreadTalk outlet and you’ll find your way. Surprisingly the place is quite spacious with high ceiling and strong urban industrial feeling. The yellow tone and brown wooden elements give a warm, inviting atmosphere the moment we stepped in.


In Trattoria Jakarta, we can find full range of mouthwatering Italian specialties: from house made fresh pasta, baked bread, pizza, grilled or roasted seafood, poultry, veal, soups, salad and their amazing desserts! They have large variety of menu with sections (and you can always ask for recommendations from the staffs!), we like they keep the menu simple and straight-forward but for those with restrictions, read everything before you order because some menu contains pork.

This time, we tried 3 new menu from Trattoria Jakarta which are available starting from 1 October 2017. Keep reading to find out! 😉


Complimentary Bread Basket

Spaghetti Marimonte IDR 94,000

Inspired by combination of elements from the sea and the land, Spaghetti Marimonte is easily the star of the dinner for us! A very delicate dish that have strong earthy flavors from mushrooms with a hint of a delicate sea flavors coming from mixed seafood, served with spaghetti al dente cooked in right mixture of tomato and cream sauce.

It surely took everyone’s attentions upon brought onto the table since it looks very appetizing with the glistening cream all over the pasta. Some people might think it’s too creamy to handle, but guess what? We loved it! It’s not like we can find such a bold-flavored pasta in Jakarta everyday and now that we have found one, definitely YES!


Spaghetti Marimonte IDR 94,000


Spaghetti Marimonte IDR 94,000


Spaghetti Marimonte IDR 94,000

Tagliatelle Boscaiola IDR 91,000

Homemade tagliatelle pasta served in tasty red wine tomato sauce with homemade Italian sausage and combination of portabella, champignon and oyster mushrooms. First of all, I am not a fan of red sauce pasta so I will definitely pick the Marimonte over this one. Second, this review of this menu is done by Mr. K who is a red sauce pasta fan, so please note that we try to be as fair as possible. XD

The tagliatelle pasta is good, shape and cut is consistent and well-cooked, means soft yet firm enough for us. The sauce however, didn’t really make such a huge hit because there is too much going on inside. The tomato sauce was so overwhelming we felt a bit sick after a while, but luckily we shared a plate together. The sausage and mushrooms complimented each others well, and also the cheese on top (parmesan and emmental) helped a lot in building the flavor of this dish rather than just a typical red sauce pasta. With so many options for their pasta dishes, we think we’ll skip this one in the next visit.


Tagliatelle Boscaiola IDR 91,000


Tagliatelle Boscaiola IDR 91,000

Ravioli Dolce IDR 75,000

For the dessert, we had this new twist of sweet and savory treat, Ravioli Dolce that looks like ravioli meets calzone? Basically an oven-baked dough filled with dark chocolate, peanut, marshmallow and ripe banana; this dessert is an instant head-turners and target of curious stares around your table. The gigantic size of this “ravioli” is perfect for sharing (up to 3 person, I guess), because actually the inside is kinda empty and some people probably can finish this alone if they want, LOL. Honestly, we were expecting something more special with the fillings but nevertheless, this is still a good dessert option.


Ravioli Dolce IDR 75,000


Ravioli Dolce IDR 75,000

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Ravioli Dolce IDR 75,000

I think based from 3 menu we have tried in Trattoria Jakarta, it’s still too early to conclude that Trattoria serves best authentic Italian cuisine in Jakarta, but somehow we were impressed by this visit! With the aspiration of  “We might not be able to bring You to Italy, but we want to bring Italy to you”, we can see they are pretty serious with it. We hope that they can maintain the originality and the real Italian taste of their cuisine despite of the feedback given by locals as sometimes locals can be a burden to keep the authenticity. We shall see you soon on our next visit!



** This review is written based on our visit on 26 September 2017.


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