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TenTen Tempura House is not a new name in Indonesia’s F&B world. Another brainchild of the gigantic Boga Group (as well as Bakerzin, Pepper Lunch, Paradise Dynasty etc), it has been one of the most visited tempura house in Jakarta. I said this because whenever I go to the outlet, it’s always packed with enthusiastic visitors, weekdays or weekends.

TenTen specializes on tempura dishes (duh!), where all the tempura are deep-fried in Special Fryer Machine and cooked with special seasonings in 4 flavors: Original, Spicy, Seaweed, and Black Pepper. If you’re interested on reading my past review about this restaurant, please go HERE.
I was invited by Indonesian Food Blogger Community to try some of TenTen’s new menu in Plaza Indonesia outlet together with fellow bloggers. It was my first time joining IDFB event and although I didn’t have many chances to talk to everyone, I was glad that I could meet some of them whom I already knew online. 

This time, we got the opportunity to try some of TenTen’s new menu. BTW, currently TenTen offers great selection of Japanese food, there are more than 120 menu available: salad, a la carte, main course, set menu, dessert, and drinks. Interestingly, the prices are relatively affordable for a Japanese restaurant in mall, ranging from IDR 9K to 75K.

Cheese Beef Hamburg IDR 62K
Who can resist a sizzling beef hamburg with additional mozzarella cheese inside? This dish doesn’t probably look big and fulfilling, but it does. The thick beef hamburg is filled with melted cheese creating a harmonious savory flavor that is perfectly enjoyable with rice (no worries, the set comes with it). Don’t forget the sauteed vegetables as the side, not only it gives color to the plate but also nice taste to balance the meat.

Salmon Miso Soup (Nabemono) IDR 68K
Nabemono (hot pot dishes) are good choice for a complete meal, as usually it has so many things included in the pot. This nabemono is miso soup based, with salmon cuts, seaweed, mushroom, carrot in it. I kind of like the tasty miso soup, and although it is probably not a fancy dish to begin with, this kind of stuff is my choice for comfort food especially during these rainy days!

Salmon Ohba Pesto Stone Rice IDR 68K

This is my order that day, as I was curious enough to try the so-called ohba pesto. I always love the smell and taste of ohba leaves, especially in my dessert, but well, I thought it will be interesting to make it as pesto. 
This dish is not disappointing at all. I got a relatively big cut of salmon, accompanied with corns, seaweed, cherry tomatoes, it was nice when I mixed everything. The ohba pesto was tasty and fragrant just like I expected, amazing that such an ingredients can be made into pesto!
FYI, all the rice dishes are served in “hot stone bowls” which are imported directly from China, meant to preserve the heat for about 15 minutes. Therefore, it’s very nice to have these bowls as we can enjoy the food while it’s still warm. The best way to enjoy stone rice dishes is to mix everything well before we eat. 

Premium Saikoro Steak IDR 68K

I love saikoro steak. I always do.
Especially when I see the word “premium”, simply irresistible.
But well, I kind of knew that saikoro steak here can’t be compared to what I can get in Japan, so I kind of give it up since long time ago.
TenTen uses Australian beef for the saikoro steak so rest assured, meat quality is fine. 
Well, actually this premium saikoro steak dish was good. In a sense of presentation, it was like the ones you normally get in Japanese expensive restaurants. Taste-wise, it was okay, dominated by peppery taste, which kind of brought me down because I expected something more than just this play-safe taste. However, I appreciated the right texture and how tender the steak was. 

TenTen Signature Stone Rice IDR 68K

And of course, it’s the signature stone rice that I recommend you to try if you have difficulty choosing!
The rice is accompanied with grilled seafood such as salmon, squid, crabstick; topped with sunny side up and complimented with prawn and ohba leaf tempura. A perfect way to enjoy the stone rice and trying their famous tempura 😉 
Oh yes, for the dish, they also put sakura ebi which is imported directly from Japan to make the rice more fragrant in a good way. It’s simply a must-try.

Tori Momo Stone Rice IDR 58K

This rice dish is served with grilled chicken and edamame, and for me, it was the best dish I tried that day. The chicken is cooked with special seasonings that made it tasty, teriyaki-kind of taste but less sweet and more fragrant. The edamame gave nice green color to the bowl and the crunchiness gave a playful twist. A delightful bowl, indeed.

Fruit Kakigori IR 32K
The kakigori (shaved ice) has a vanilla flavor and shaved so well until so soft and smooth just like snow. Topped with various fruits and mango sauce, it is not like usual kakigori. I personally prefer this dessert more than cake-based ones because it’s more refreshing 🙂

Matcha/Red Velvet Lava Cake IDR 28K each
Always love lava cakes and these ones are not exceptions! The Green Tea one comes with red beans on top and accompanied with a scoop of green tea ice cream. As you can see in the photo, the lava nicely spilled down when I cut the cake, while the red velvet one, not really. Well, actually I prefer the ones not spilling down, but it looks better in pictures, LOL.

The cakes tasted good but a bit too dry in my opinion. I love my cakes to be more moist and softer.

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Ice Cream IDR 32K
This hot plate dessert can be a good choice especially if you want a little show before eating (nah!). The red velvet cake is served on a hot plate with a separated cream sauce that will create a sizzling sensation when it’s poured onto the plate. Personally I love the show more than the dessert itself, but I must say that I love the fragrant and not-too-sweet red velvet cake. Eaten with ice cream, this dessert is perfect because it has nice combination of hot and cold sensation 🙂

Overall, TenTen doesn’t disappoint in term of the quality of the food. However, I really think that the service needs improvement, the staffs are very friendly and polite, but nobody wants to wait for more than 30 minutes just for one food, right? 🙂
Anyway, thanks for having us and good luck with the new menu! <33

*All prices are subject to 7.5% service charge & 10% government tax
*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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