Hello everyone, it’s Kato again! I am gonna continue my Singapore trip story, and if you miss the previous one, you can read my first experience with the original Katong Laksa HERE.

The original plan to go around Changi Road – Lorong Marzuki, Kembangan area was to visit this interesting restaurant named FFL Fresh Fruits Lab. It was quite difficult to find this restaurant because of its location. I felt like I burned quite lots of calories walking to find it, but I got all them back by eating the Laksa. *sweat* After asking for directions from some people, finally I found this place!


We arrived at FFL at 11:30AM. Daisy soon left and didn’t join me here because she had another thing to do. Luckily, there weren’t many guests yet so I could do my job (taking photos).  FFL has indoor seating area as well as outdoor, which at that time was too hot for me to sit around so I settled with a table inside.






Outdoor seating area, inviting? 

Let’s talk about my first impression about the place.

FFL is definitely a great spot for couples who prefer to have quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The interior design is quite simple yet interesting. I think it’s the best if you look closer to the accessories or decorations as they stick very much to the laboratory theme. On the wall shelves, we can easily find various lab equipments from flasks, beaker glasses, pipettes, and many others.






FFL still got some Valentine’s Day décor on the table (not sure) and some funny masks for groups to have fun taking selfie together. For Indonesian visitors, FFL’s design might be a bit too simple if it is compared to typical Jakarta hip places. But I kinda like it for its coziness and the image of naively romantic.






By the way, FFL has a concept of healthy restaurant, and their menu is specially designed and handcrafted to incorporate a fruity element in the dishes. The menu is quite extensive although there are not many of them. Prices range from SGD 2.50 to 50. For the drinks, there is many selection like cold-pressed juices, tea, coffee, fruit infused sodas, even alcoholic drinks.

While I was looking at the menu, all of sudden, the waitress brought an yellowish green liquid inside lab test tube and a clear liquid in a beaker glass. The clear liquid was actually an infused water and the other one was a complimentary juice where a tube will be served to each guest. Awesome!



The juice I got was okay. I wasn’t sure what’s inside but it tasted like kiwi and melon. It was bland cold-pressed juice, I think because they didn’t put any additional sweetener etc.


 Cold-pressed juice served inside a test tube is served as complimentary drink.


I asked the waitress whether FFL have other options for this kind of drinks with funky container, in fact they don’t. Only some drinks in the menu are served with lab glasses, so I choose Passion Fruit Soda (SGD 6), which is one of the best-selling drinks there.

Usually I won’t order this kind of drinks because I got traumatized in Jakarta (sickeningly sweet). My first impression is that the drink was very well-presented and very photogenic. The orange yellow color of passion fruit was clearly visible through the flask, and an additional liquid sugar was served separately. I think it might be awkward for Daisy if she was there because I know she is disgusted by these tools she used in medical school/hospital for something-that-can’t-be-mentioned-here..

Anyway, the soda was really great!! Perfect-o!!! It is a fruity soda drink that is not over or under sweetened and most of all it doesn’t lose any fruitiness. This kind of drinks traumatized me in Jakarta (you’ll know why if you have ever had fruit soda at McD or some restaurants in Indonesia). But this one really impressed me and “un-traumatize” me totally by giving perfect balance in fruitiness, sweetness, and soda. I’ll give 5 stars for this drink! Bravo!
When browsing through the menu, I was recommended to try the Weekday Set Lunch menu for only SGD 12. In the set, I got a salad/soup and a main course, which I think is a great deal. The set menu is available during weekdays from 11AM to 2.30PM.

The salad, Mixed Green with Tarragon Vinaigrette was fresh and yummy. The dressing was mild vinegarish with little sweetness and for the vegetable selection, it was greatly balanced (although the arugula were very bitter). Anyway, it was refreshing salad for a hot day!


For the main course, I picked Pan Seared Pangasius with Carrot Puree, Sauteed Vegetable and Lemon Cream. It was smaller than what I thought for such a long name, LOL.

Presentation was very neat and had fine-dining looks, and the smell was awesome!

The fish: texture was perfect but it tasted like egg omelette rather than fish. Don’t really know what went wrong with the seasoning but it wasn’t what I expected. For the veggie, it was really great combination with puree and lemon cream. I especially like the zucchini and the mushroom.

Overall, I enjoyed the dish even though I didn’t think it was perfect because the fish tasted like omelette.




It was my second stop of the day and it was only minutes after 12 in the noon. I wanted to try the famous Rainbow Cake or Lychee Cake for dessert, but I was quite full already. The Rainbow Cake looked very tempting with a different style of rainbow, and beside these two, there were many available in the glass display too.




Overall, I personally like FFL. The drink I had was great and the food also had good quality. Staffs are very kind and helpful. I will definitely come back and try more dishes (and dessert) next chance I get.

Thank you for reading my story and stay tuned for the finale!

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