Visited on: November 22, 2014

Chronicle Coffee & Cocktails is the newest coffee shop in town located in the busy street of Wijaya, Kebayoran. Standing opposite to Dharmawangsa Square and next to Natasha Skin Care, finding this new place is not so difficult. 
Normally I would avoid going to new places on weekend, but that fine Saturday, Mr. K wanted to relax and enjoy some coffee, so I brought him to Chronicle.

It shared the same building with Union Yoga, so Chronicle lays nicely on the first floor. Not big but comfortable and spacey enough for a coffee shop.

I was glad that it was quite empty when I arrived, of course there were some occupied tables but still considered empty for weekend. And we all know that Jakartans are very fast with new places! XD

The place is simple and warm, and there are some tables outdoor too. I chose to sit near the entrance, where I still could get some natural daylight for my photos 😉

I love the place in term of simplicity and inviting ambiance.

Oh yes, don’t forget the good looking floor as well. <3

Interestingly, Chronicle is sister of Common Grounds in City Walk Sudirman, so let’s just assume their coffee must be at least, as good as what they have in Common Grounds. 

As the name suggests, Chronicle serves coffee (prices range from IDR 25K – 45K), cocktails and also coffee cocktails combination (IDR 98K), as well as caffeinated and non-caffeinated tea from artisan tea by JING (IDR 30K), also juices and smoothies (IDR 28K – 32K).

Like Common Grounds, Chronicle also offers good selection of food from Light Bites, Mains, and Desserts, ranging from IDR 40K to 95K

Cappuccino IDR 30K

Whenever I go trying a new coffee shop, normally I will order either Espresso or Cappuccino first, while Mr. K goes for filter ones. The cappuccino is mild and easy, yet aromatic and tasty enough for a good coffee standard. I especially love the way it is presented with black cup and wooden spoon, very pretty. The latte art was cute too, I am not sure what it is but doesn’t it look like a swan?

Filter IDR 35K

During my visit, they only had V60 available and for the coffee, we chose Malabar from West Java. The coffee is very aromatic and acidic, and even coffee-addict like Mr. K didn’t really find it nice. Don’t get us wrong, we love Indonesian coffee beans but some that we tried so far are too acidic for our taste. I prefer my local coffee to be filtered using Chemex and I think this Malabar coffee also will taste better perhaps.

Mexican Corn Fritters IDR 40K

Okay, I admit I ordered this just for the sake of word “Mexican”, just to feel like a total fool later because this light bite is basically just typical corn fritters a.k.a. bakwan jagung. It wasn’t bad at all, but a bit too oily and if I had known it earlier that there is nothing special about this so-called “Mexican Corn Fritters”, I wouldn’t have spent IDR 40K only for this. XD

Tropic Thunder IDR 28K

The combination of Pineapple, Mango, Orange, Lemon for a smoothie is beyond YUMMY. I especially love citrusy fruits so this combination is total killer! 
Besides, a glass of natural fruits juice or smoothie always makes me feel good and umm, healthy? (err.. XD)

From what I heard, their mains are also considerably good. Not a news because we all know how good the food in Common Grounds are, right? 😉
Last but not least, Chronicle is a good place to unwind and just have some good food and drinks in relatively affordable prices. I can see myself coming back often. Service is also good and staffs are very friendly and informative, however there is room for improvement in term of speed. I think it took more than 15 minutes for my filter coffee to be served, and another 15 minutes for the corn fritters. I didn’t even want to imagine how long it would take for mains to be served?
Other than that, welcome to the game, Chronicle! And we wish you best of luck! 😉

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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Jl. Wijaya II No. 73
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta 12160
Phone. +62 821 8888 1538
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 10.30AM – 11.30PM

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