Last week, I visited this restaurant in Plaza Indonesia which looks comfortable and attractive, Ten Ten Tempura House. The place is not too big, but looks very friendly and welcoming with all the warm brown interior. Just like typical Japanese restaurants, it has the “sample food” displayed in the front side, helping us to see what kind or size of food we will order.
It serves large selections of Japanese food, from rice to noodles, salad to desserts, but as the name suggests, its tempura or tendon, is the most recommended menu amongst all. The menu like I said just now, is quite thick and I had trouble choosing because everything looks so delicious! *sweat*
Fried Nori Tempura
This was given as complimentary appetizer, it was so crispy and fresh, loved it!

Takoyaki IDR 28K

I am pretty sure that the takoyaki were deep-fried, but that doesn’t mean I dislike them. The fillings were generous, not mentioning the katsuobushi and mayo, worth every cents.

Chicken Karaage Curry Rice IDR 45K

First of all, the portion was huge. The curry literally overloaded the plate, which was great. The chicken looked yummy with all the golden brown skin and everything. It was delicious, indeed, but we agreed that it wasn’t Japanese karaage, because we couldn’t even smell the ginger, let alone tasted it. But again, I believe mostly all chicken karaage found in Indonesia (at least Jakarta) are already modified to local taste and don’t have ginger feel at all. Nonetheless, the chicken were well-cooked, and they were so crispy I couldn’t get enough of them!

Tendon with Curry Powder IDR 45K
The tempura were very crispy, not oily and just perfect! The tendon also came with miso soup.

Set Tempura and Chicken Karaage IDR 68K
This is one happy size set and it was good!

What I like the most about dining here is that we can choose the seasonings we like, such as original, seaweed, spicy, curry or black pepper. Although in the end, accidentally three of us picked the same one (curry), but it’s always nice to have selections, you know. Besides that, we could really tell that everything is freshly-fried and I think that’s why their fried stuffs glow so beautifully and taste so good!

Fried Tempura Fondue IDR 25K

Who doesn’t love fondue? Since I was there, and I saw the leaflet about their Sweet Affair promotion about desserts, I decided to pick two and this had to be included. I was expecting some kind of jelly beans, marshmallows or anything usual that goes with chocolate fondue, but boy, this is Tempura House so I was totally wrong! The fondue came with fruit slices which are also deep-fried a la tempura, so cute and intriguing. There were slices of apples, pears, and even strawberries, and guess what? Because those crunchy fruits are deep-fried, they became so soft and worked sooo well with the chocolate. Love it! Brilliant idea which keeps the theme intact, too!

Matcha Kakigori IDR 25K

The kakigori is not really authentic as I think this kind of shaved ice is more to Taiwanese-style rather than Japanese. But who cares, right? As long as it’s delicious like this, I will shut up.

*All prices are subject to 7.5% service charge & 10% government tax
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Ten Ten Tempura House
Plaza Indonesia Level Basement Unit 16-17
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat
Ph. +62 21 299 23730
Wi-fi: Available
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00
Estimated Spending: IDR 60.000 – 100.000/person