One of the perks growing up in Indonesia is the ability to enjoy various herbs and spices that are widely used in Indonesian cuisine. It’s weird to find Indonesian food that are not rich in flavors and tastes, and typically they have this beautiful yellowish or brown color, thanks to one particular seasonings, sweet soy sauce. Talking about soy sauce, it’s almost impossible not to remember about one popular house brand, Kecap Bango, that has been around since 1928.

Recently, Kecap Bango releases its first mobile application that is perfectly suitable for Indonesian food enthusiasts, called Bango Warisan Kuliner App.

Before I start with why this app rocks my world, let me tell you that the app is available for download from Apple App Store, Android Google Play Store, and also BlackBerry App World. The easiest way to find the app is by searching through keyword “Bango Warisan Kuliner”, and done.


Left: Apple App Store, Right: Android Google Play Store


Welcome to the app!


Registering a new account or you can choose to login with Facebook.



Once we’re signed in, we’ll understand what the app is about. Basically, with this app, we can:
  • find the nearest Indonesian culinary spot including the location map
  • share new culinary spots and upload the photos we take
  • read reviews from other users
  • write our own reviews and rate our experiences
  • share our reviews to other social medias
  • get information of special specific food from Bango’s recommendations
  • access thousand of recipes from Bango and other users from all over Indonesia
  • collect various badges by writing and rating reviews



The information about recommended culinary spots in Indonesia in this app are thoroughly compiled by Bango Expedition Team, which covers 34 provinces and 100 cities in Indonesia. The advantage is, whenever we are in Indonesia, the app is very handy to use and we can find the nearest, newest, or most popular spots based on our current locations.




To write review about your dining experiences in any spot, you can choose “Berbagi Kuliner”, and you will be directed to the review page. This time, I wrote about my experience in Selera Meneer restaurant in Radio Dalam (my full review HERE). When other users click the restaurant and they enjoy reading your reviews, they have options to like them, that’s why writing reviews here can be more fun than you might think 😉 And also, after your review is up, you also can share it to social medias so your friends know what you personally think about the particular places.





In another menu “Jajanan Special”, it has information about Bango’s recommendation for more specific food, as you can see, now it’s all about lamb.



And since Bango has been so much attached to our daily life, it would be unfair if they don’t include the recipe collection in the app. But they do, and I for one can’t be happier! The recipes are also compiled from Bango’s recomendation and seriously they all look so good. When we have everything written so clearly in this app, there is no more reason why we don’t cook, right? XD





Last but not least, there is also a “Promo” menu, which kindly gives us information about ongoing promotions, for example, throughout this month (November 2014), there is a promotion of free 1 iced lemon tea in Ayam Bakar Mas Mono when you visit certain outlets by showing this app. Pretty cool, no?



Overall, as an Indonesian food lover, I really find this app very helpful and handy, especially the ability to find the nearest spot for Indonesian food. The app is also simple enough and pretty smooth when accessed, with clean and sleek interface that makes it easy to use.

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