People gather in one place during a wedding ceremony is surely to witness the couple say the sacred vows and tie the knot, then share the happiness together in the party afterwards. Like it or not, one of the main points being talked about a party is the food, as it would most likely affect the mood and impression to the guests about the event itself.

As bride and groom to-be, the preparation days are the most hectic and sometimes it takes time to gather information about the caterers to eventually pick one. Nowadays, there are many wedding caterers that look and sound promising, but seriously, we never know until we try! Well, if that’s the case, worry no more, because there is, that lists a collective information about the best caterers in Indonesia in one website with attractive listing layout!


With Bridestory, we can find extensive lists of caterers (and they also serve for any other events beside wedding!) and we can choose them by location and budget. Every caterer is completed with their basic information like official website, price list, and contact info. It means by visiting one website, you can get as much information as possible without drowning yourself in ocean of search engine’s results.

The nice thing about hiring caterers is (most of the time) they also would take care of the decorations of the tables and food stalls. When choosing a caterer, get information and past portfolios of the caterer as much as you can to get the idea how they handle the stuffs. I have seen many caterers that serve good food but lack in decoration so the food didn’t look appetizing and cheap. Many would use cheap tableware and ruin the whole event ambiance. Things like this happen but we can prevent it.


As for the food itself, Bridestory covers plenty of caterers that serve many kinds of food, so we can always choose what’s the best for the themes of the events. From Indonesian to Chinese food, Arabic to Western food, Canapes to Desserts, you name it.


Browsing through the list on Bridestory, my eyes and heart really go to this particular vendor, Chocolique, and below are some of my favorites. I have never used their service but after looking at all their creations, now I want it.


The other caterer, Culture Royale, is also a trusted caterer that has been existing for quite a long time. I had many GREAT experience with them, as the host and also as the guest. First time I used their service as a host was during my grandfather’s private birthday party in his house when my mother picked them as the main caterer. The delivery and setup were flawless, the food was great, staffs were well-trained and polite.
Finding caterers that truly suit our preferences is not an easy task, but with Bridestory, we’ll definitely save (a lot of) our time! So, what are you waiting for?

Keep it simple, efficient and effortless with Bridestory.



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