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Finding decent burgers in Jakarta is not always an easy task, at least for me, as I always end up with the Whooper from Burger King whenever the craving kicks in.

Few weeks ago, we got an invitation from a new burger joint named Burgerous, which is located in Taman Ratu area, West Jakarta. The area is quite popular amongst youngsters around there, as the hipster coffee shop Koultoura Coffee is just few steps away and there are so many restaurants or dining places in the neighborhood.

The story behind Burgerous is interesting enough to attract my curiosity to accept the invitation. The owner, Mario, spends about 25 years living in Singapore and when he finally comes back to Jakarta, he can’t find the burgers he loved overseas. That’s why he decided to share the great experiences he has about burgers from all over the world, and make his own shop.

Burgerous occupies a ruko (shop house) unit building, with 2 floors for the dining areas and the 3rd floor is used as kitchen. The concept is easy to the eyes, modern industrial design with theme of container door as the wall. The place is clean, sleek, but still gives the vibe of eagerness, young, and energetic in the same time.

DSC_3273 DSC_3260

Burgerous doesn’t only serve burgers, but there are also other menu such as rice, breakfast, side dishes, desserts and drinks. With choice of beef, chicken, and fish, we can try the burgers and rice menu according to what we like, and better yet, there are many selections of homemade sauces to enhance the taste of imported ingredients.

Prices range from IDR 7,000 to 55,000 for F&B.

Taro Milk Tea IDR 20,000

Distinctive taste of taro with right amount of milk, not too sweet and a perfect thirst quencher. Better if served with selections of boba.

Banana Colada IDR 22,000

A refreshing drink which gives an instant surprise from the first sip. Loved how the banana didn’t overpower the taste and I still could taste the other tropical fruits flavors.

Durian Ice Tea IDR 18,000

Looks just like typical ice tea, it was fun to drink. The durian smell wasn’t strong but the flavor was there. If you like durian, try this for sure!


Mashed Potatoes IDR 15,000

Creamy mashed potatoes made from real potatoes, painstakingly boiled and mashed. Layered with beef bacon bits and covered in homemade brown sauce.

We love the mashy: soft, warm, and definitely NOT instant one. However, we thought that the gravy was way too salty. Still enjoyable, though.

DSC_3296 DSC_3294

Jucy Lucy IDR 55,000

This is Burgerous’ signature burger, and also Mr. K’s favorite. All the beef burgers are made using 100% Australian beef with no fillers, seasoned with 7 types of herbs and spices, then prepared manually by hands. It’s normal to see not-so-perfect patty shapes, but that’s what makes the burger special.

The beef patty was thick and nicely shaped, with a not-so-solid consistency. We loved how it crumbled down when bitten: soft and tender, juicy in the inside. It’s a simple burger but managed to bring a wide smiles to our faces.


Fried Cheese Burger IDR 50,000

From the way it was described to me earlier, I wasn’t sure if this would be the one. The burger is just typical cheese burger with beef patty, lettuce, homemade sauce, and slice of cheddar cheese; the only difference is that the buns are deep-fried.

It turned out to be super nice, with hint of sweetness from the deep-fried buns, and I enjoyed the crunching sounds when eating it. This is definitely my favorite!


Nihon Chicken Burger IDR 40,000

A Japanese street-food inspired burger: deep-fried chicken patty, covered with homemade Nihon sauce and mayonnaise, in between fresh lettuce and a toasted bun.

Kudos to Mario for being so bold and brave creating many unique seasonings for the burger. This so-called Nihon sauce is inspired by Okonomiyaki sauce and we think he does a great job. The breaded deep-fried chicken patty is a very nice version of thick katsu, with tender chicken meat inside. The downside of this burger was that the sauce was given TOO generously and overpowering the whole taste.


Orange Chicken Burger IDR 35,000

A deep fried chicken patty, topped with homemade Orange sauce and actual orange slices.

Always love citrus fruits made into sauce and served with white meat like fish and chicken. This one was brought up so many times during our conversation and finally we got to try it! The orange sauce was sweet, sour, and ADDICTIVE! It’s fragrant and appetizing, not mentioning that it goes so well with the chicken.


A gorgeous combination between the orange sauce and perfectly deep-fried chicken patty deserves a close-up shot. Do give it a try because this is awesome! 😉


Spiced Fish Burger IDR 30,000

Beside the beef and chicken patties, we also tried the fish patty and it was also great! I loved how these deep-fried patties can have a very crispy skin and super soft in the inside, it always gives a pleasant surprise whenever I have a bite.

The spiced sauce was a combination of sweet and sour taste, more into sweetness and it almost like eating a burger with spiced jam spread or something. It was okay but not my favorite.


Dipping Sauces IDR 5,000 each

If you buy the sides like Fries, you can also try the dipping sauces that are served separately.

Aioli: alternative to the common Tartar sauce
Cheese: white cheddar cheese
Calypso: orange color sauce that tasted similar to Thousand Island sauce
Pepper Chipotle: peppery mayo sauce
Mixed berry: good blend of berries with ketchup
Honey mustard: sweet sour sauce

My favorites are the Pepper Chipotle and Calypso, definitely MUST TRY!


Fiery Fish Rice IDR 35,000

This is a nice alternative option for guests who prefer to eat rice than burgers, although it might sound a bit weird since you are coming to a burger shop, LOL. I tried the one with deep-fried dory fillet layered with fiery red sauce that indeed, looked spicy as hell. If I am not mistaken, this was also called Rica Rica as I think the inspiration of the sauce comes from that popular hot sauce.
I must say that whoever saw me eating this, they would definitely conclude that I really love it. In fact, I do love it so much to the point of finishing this one alone by myself. The sauce was great: bold, spicy, kicking in the same time, and made me craving for more. The butter rice probably didn’t really fit in, but it was alright. The mixed veggies were given generously and they were a nice addition to the whole dish.

French Toast Ice Cream IDR 40,000

White bread filled with Kaya and Peanut Butter, soaked in homemade eggy batter and then pan-fried, topped with maple syrup and sugar icing, along with a scoop of Kopyor ice cream.

French Toast is a simple dish yet it’s not always easy to make a great one. This is definitely a good example why we need to come here for the sake of great french toast. The softness, the crispiness, everything falls into the right places, and let’s not even start with the generous Kaya and Peanut Butter fillings and the yumm-oh Kopyor ice cream! Hmm, Burgerous, are you taking delivery order to the South? XD


Our experience with this humble burger shop was nothing but great. We love how good the food are, how passionate the owner is, how comfortable the place is. The only reason why I put lower score for the service is that there were some incidents that the staffs mistook the orders for us and other guests and brought awkward moments and uncomfortable situations. The problem was that the place wasn’t even fully occupied that time and they delivered 3 wrong orders between our table and other 2 tables. I didn’t want to imagine how bad it is during peak hours?

Anyway, Burgerous is definitely worth visiting, especially if you are fond of burgers!  Best of luck and hope to come back soon! 😉


*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.


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