Some days ago, we stopped by a coffee shop named Treeangelo Coffee which is located on the 3rd floor of Kemang 15 building in Kemang Raya street. The building doesn’t really have prominent signboard so it was quite difficult to find especially because it was already dark that time. Luckily we spotted the tiny neon board with the coffee shop name and saved the trouble taking another return from the other way if we missed that sign. 

This coffee shop which has been operating since late 2013, looks quite spacious, maybe because of the smart interior design. The area itself is not too big, but my first impression: it was calm, quiet (as in nobody was there), bright, and heart-warmingly comfortable. Like typical modern coffee shops, there are wooden furnitures everywhere, combined with beautiful green color shade for the cushions. With glass windows overlooking the bustling street of Kemang, the place instantly took my heart away. There is also a life-size public phone booth decoration, which I think is cool, and also a large wall shelf showing a great collection of antique cameras.


Silver Moon Drip IDR 35K
Listed as their special brew menu, this is indeed very special. Using ice to brew the tea, it needs at least 4 hours to let the whole ice melt until we can enjoy the tea. I love the concept, and we really wanted to try but was totally down when the barista said about the 4 hours thing. Luckily, they had a TV recording that noon, so they still had this after show. The tea was almost full when it was brought for us, and it tasted so good. Fruity, fragrant, just light and perfect to accompany our dinner.

Zuppa Zuppa Soup IDR 30K
Zuppa soup is a kind of cream soup which is served with pastry wrap on top. We really enjoyed this because it was served very fresh from the oven, the soup was also perfectly seasoned, nice thickness and loaded with fillings. I don’t think I have ever had a zuppa soup with so much meat inside, unless I make myself at home, hehehe 🙂

Aglio e’ Olio Beef IDR 35K
The pasta was cooked perfectly and it was a nice aglio olio, honest. Combined with generous amount of beef and strong spices, it was very much enjoyable for the dinner.

Seafood Basket IDR 45K
We were surprised with the portion of this menu, but we were so delighted :p The seafood couldn’t be fresher, they were deep-fried into perfection. Like, seriously! I didn’t expect it would be so good, because this menu is categorized as LIGHT MEALS, errr… probably not! You know, Mr. K is such a sucker for this kind of “finger food” and he couldn’t even finish them, that was like, Jakarta will be snowing or something. Totally recommended even if you just come for coffee, this can accompany your drink and even sharing with friends is nice!

Cheese Baked Rice IDR 35K
Again, this was served HOT and nothing can beat fresh dishes in a restaurant. By this time it was out, we were practically too full but we just couldn’t resist such a beautiful presentation. Basically a butter rice cooked with bacon and mushrooms, then topped with creamy cheese sauce, this was delicious, delicious, delicious!! I especially love the rice grain they use, and again, the generous amount of toppings, cheese and everything. We loved it because it tasted so strong, like they used many spices, although I think maybe they overdid the white pepper. But still, this is like, SUPER RECOMMENDED!!

Dark Paradise IDR 25K
This is actually a Beer cake, and despite of how gloomy it looks, the cake was sweet and tasted so fun! However, it wasn’t really my thing because the yeast had really strong influence to the cake and overpowering the smell of it. I wasn’t sure about the texture of the cake because it was quite hard like it was just taken from fridge after a long time. Maybe it would taste better if I could try the fresh one!

This place is very nice coffee shop with beautiful ambience, good food and nice music. I also tried the coffee and I loveee them. They also serve all day breakfast and we know we will come back in near future to try them. The only thing I didn’t really like about it was everything took so long time to be served, it was ridiculously slow! We had to wait for about 30 minutes until the first food was served, and then another 15-30 minutes for the next one. We arrived there around 6 pm, and we just left around 10 pm, and there were only us and another person in the shop that whole time. Can you imagine how slow it would be during peak hours? *__* But well, despite of the slowness, we still think that this is truly a hidden gem in Kemang area and I personally really recommend this place!

P.S. This is NOT advertisement post or anything, I don’t get paid for this, just an honest review about a coffee shop that deserves more appreciation 😉

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Treeangelo Coffee 
Kemang 15 Building 3F
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 15
Jakarta Selatan 12730
Ph. +62 21 7179 1221+62 21 7179 1221
Wi-fi: Available
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 08.00 – 24.0008.00 – 24.00
Estimated Spending: min IDR 35.000/person
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