On June 16th, 2014, the Food Escape team was invited to the Press Conference of Eric Kayser Le Restaurant du Boulanger’s Grand Opening, which was held in Plaza Senayan. 

My first reaction when I checked my email and found this, was the huge euphoria! Personally, I am a fan of the Master Baker Eric Kayser himself and I am absolutely honored to get this invitation and the thought about being able to meet him IN PERSON had never crossed my mind even once! And there I had it, not only seeing him from far, a press conference already sounded so good to me, but the fact that I could actually see him doing a baking demonstration LIVE, just WHOAHH!!
The Grand Opening itself was held like, 2+ months after the soft opening (April 7th). When I arrived on site, it was already 3pm and the place was crowded but luckily we still got some seats. Spotted some media friends we met often in other events, but didn’t meet any fellow food bloggers at all. The event started very much later after that, but Mr. K already went here and there taking photos of Mr. Kayser, LOL! 

So, let me introduce you to…


Master Baker Eric Kayser himself!!!

He is actually very humble person and has average height (probably around 1.7m or 5’7) so he didn’t look intimidating at all. His eyes are very kind and passionate, someone who truly cares and does so much for the sake of things that he likes, in this case, baking. He also speaks English very well, understandable because he is such a world renowned international figure. In the press conference, there were also Mr. Indrawan Atmadja & Mr. Sigit Nugroho, the men who brought Eric Kayser franchise to Indonesia. So glad to have opportunity to meet them in person, thanks to them too that we in Indonesia can enjoy Mr. Kayser’s infamous creations without having to go abroad! 😉

Mr. Indrawan Atmadja & Mr. Sigit Nugroho

Still in press conference, we were shown a footage about Mr. Kayser’s activities in the kitchen, sharing his knowledge. What is amazing about this person is that, being dubbed as “Ambassador of French Bread” in the world, he still manages to write 6 books until now that have been translated to English, German and even Japanese.

Later on, he demonstrated how to make bread and I think it was pretty interesting to see how good he is doing it. After all, he is called Master Baker not for nothing, right? XD

There were also some other person in the press conference like Mr. Luc Boulet (CEO of Maison Eric Kayser Asie Ltd.), Madame Corinne Breuze (French Ambassador for Indonesia), and Ms. Reiko West (GM of Plaza Senayan).

Mr. Eric Kayser posed with Eric Kayser Indonesia team
L-R: Yoppy Ruston (Executive Kitchen Chef), Hugo Campagne (Executive Patisserie Chef), Eric Kayser, Jose Martin (Executive Bakery Chef)

And some FOOD PHOTOS!!

Once again,

CONGRATULATIONS for the Grand Opening!!!

…and thank you SOOOOO MUCH for having us in the event!! And if you happen to read this post, special thanks to Mrs. Vania Nugroho, thanks for welcoming us so warmly and sorry we didn’t get to ask a lot of questions! So honored to talk to you in person and may more success be with you and the family!!

And seriously, I just need to do this shout out,

I will treasure the business card that you gave me personally and hope next time I can meet you in person again, with less ga-ga and not being too nervous anymore. Keep inspiring!!

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