Bakerzin is not a new name for foodies in Indonesia, since this famous dining has always been here for more than a decade. Under the management of Boga Group (along with Paradise Dynasty, Pepper Lunch, Master Wok, to name few), Bakerzin as a franchise brought from Singapore, is a casual dining cafeteria specializing in delicious desserts.

Last week, they opened their 13th outlet in Indonesia at Main Street Ground Floor of Gandaria City Mall (beside Starbucks), and we got opportunity to join the Grand Opening party and tried their Christmas Gourmet menu which are already available now.


Although Bakerzin serves various selections of dishes from appetizers to main courses, the basic concept of this cafe is always about desserts. That’s why in the front side, we can always spot the glass display full of colorful and beautiful cakes and macarons (their specialties!).


Christmas-themed decorations are everywhere and make me happy!


Smoked Duck Breast Salad IDR 65,000

Mixed salad with smoked duck, served with orange dressing, almond slice, and sunkist.

This salad tasted as beautiful as it looks, with strong flavors and fragrance of citrus fruits. Didn’t get to try the smoked duck though, because we had to sample that with other 20 foodies altogether *ahem*, we were lucky we got the chance to try the salad and the dressing, at least.


Salmon Soup IDR 50,000

Blend of smoked salmon, cooking cream, poached tempe and dry chili.

The smoked salmon was soft and very smokey, giving a nice smokey aroma to the whole soup. The cream soup was thick and creamy, not milky (which is nice). Eat this while it’s warm!


Salmon Vol au Vent IDR 95,000

Grilled salmon served with puff pastry vol au vent, edamame, spinach, tarragon and Hollandaise sauce.

This is, hands down, our favorite dish of the day. The grilled salmon was well-seasoned and very flavorful, put on top of this crunchy puff pastry that was just awesomely good. We didn’t even need the sauce to be honest, because the salmon already did its job so well.


Lamb Chop IDR 175,000

Served with potato salad, asparagus stick and special lamb sauce.

Lamb is never really my cup of tea and this one, despite looking so mouth-watering, was not an exception. The lamb meat was a bit hard, and the smell was unbearable. The sauce was okay but didn’t help much in balancing the smelly meat. Unless you really like lamb, perhaps it’s best to stay away from it.


Baby Chicken IDR 195,000

Whole baby chicken served with pak choy and sauteed baby potatoes.

Although it’s a “baby chicken”, the portion is actually quite big and we think it’s good for sharing among 2-3 person. Didn’t try this but from the looks, it was convincing enough.


Mango & Pistachio Tart IDR 45,000

This dessert is surely an eye-catcher! Unfortunately, the tart was hard like rocks (literally) and it was almost impossible to cut it using fork/spoon. Some of us eventually just ate that directly by biting it right away, LOL. When the tart goes into the mouth, it was actually quite good, solid texture with hint of crunch. And the 2 blobs of mangoes? They won our hearts.


Raspberry Macaron IDR 50,000

Really enjoyed this macaron because it was good in a strange way. The macaron itself was quite big in size, had a softer, lumpier texture than regular maracons. Sandwiched in between was the raspberry fruits arranged beautifully, and they were actually sweeter than typical raspberries which are commonly sour rather than sweet. LOVE!

DSC_9686-copy DSC_9687-copy

Those menu above are the Christmas Gourmet menu and we think they are worth trying! But if you prefer to try their usual menu, we also tried few items and maybe it can help you deciding what to eat.

John Dory Fillet IDR 90,000

Fried crumbed dory fillet served with Caesar dressing and mesclun salad.

You might think, come on, it’s just a dory fillet, but seriously this was good. The fillet was nicely seasoned and we think even without any additional dressing, it was already good.

DSC_9641-copy DSC_9638-copy

Tuna Fried Rice

Loved the smokey, aromatic, spicy fried rice although we wish we could encounter more tuna inside. XD And do you know that  every Monday and Wednesday, you can get this menu (plus a drink) for only IDR 50,000++ by using their #GobanPuas promotion? If you didn’t know, now you know, and we think it’s a great promotion to begin with! 😉

Overall, we had a lot of fun attending this gathering and we really enjoyed the Christmas Gourmet menu. Wishing that Bakerzin Gandaria City will be as successful as the other outlets as well and thanks guys for reading!


*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

** This review is written based on our visit on 26 November 2015.


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Gandaria City Main Street Ground Floor (beside Starbucks)
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Kebayoran Lama
South Jakarta 12240
Ph. +62 21 290 52888

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 10AM – 10PM