Kado++ is yet another joint under Japanese F&B group, Kawano, located on the 3A floor of West Mall in Grand Indonesia. It’s not a new restaurant but some weeks ago I visited this place and since I have never written any review about it yet, so here it is. Kado means “gate” in Japanese, and easily mistaken as “gift” (“kado” in Bahasa Indonesia), it has been described as the entrance to a vibrant Japanese dining experience in a trendy and modern atmosphere in Jakarta. In addition of the “++” signifies the new concept that sets it apart from the first KADO in Mid Plaza building.
The place is separated into two main areas, smoking and no-smoking, but sadly, the internet connection seems to always work in smoking areas only. Decorated with brown, warm colors, I easily fell in love to the interior and felt comfortable as soon as I got my table. Like most all of Kawano group’s restaurants, it is decorated with Japanese touch, simple yet elegant.

Their main specialties are kushiyaki and kamameshi, but many other types of Japanese cuisines are also available. There are many options of donburi (rice bowls), noodle, and even takoyaki. Let’s see what we ordered!
Matcha Smoothie IDR 30K
Don’t you think it is very beautiful? Although it looked so nice, it wasn’t impressive enough for me. There was a little hint of matcha, but that was it. I expected something bolder.

Lemon Grass Ice Tea IDR 30K
I love lemon grass. Sadly, I hardly tasted any in this tea. This came in a quite big glass, though.

Green Apple Mint Ice Tea IDR 30K
Same with the lemon grass one, this also belongs to Special Tea and came in the same size glass. Personally, I think this was a very refreshing drink and I really enjoyed it. Served with thinly-sliced green apple, the drink was very fragrant and yummy. But again, I always think that Japanese can never go wrong with their green apple creations!

Passion Fruit Ice Tea IDR 30K
This is by far my favorite drink from Kado++. The tea wasn’t only infused by passion fruit water, there was also lots of real passion fruit inside. It was nice and had the enough sweetness.

Unatama Don IDR 80K
This was in fact very delicious with right sauce and very soft eel that melted right away in the mouth. However, for this price, I found it quite unworthy judging from the portion, and honestly, I can find something like this with much cheaper price somewhere else. This came with a bowl of miso soup that was very salty.

Pepper Steak Don IDR 80K
Same with the unatama don, the pepper steak was great, too. I especially loved the thick steak cutlets, and each slices were nicely seasoned and we could tell they were well-marinated.

Pork Stamina Don IDR 58K
According to the waiter, it is one of the most recommended as well as best-selling menu there. I gave it a try because I like pork and this one could be my next comfort food, LOL. The presentation was very messy, even homemade dishes could be better than this, seriously. The pork whole bowl was very, very salty and I had hard time trying to finish it. Served with an egg and a bowl of miso soup, I felt that the egg could save my rice bowl a bit, but it was too salty to begin with. Frankly speaking, I was quite annoyed because I had high expectation on this.

Beef Ramen IDR 40K
First of all, I didn’t like the noodle they used so it kinda set me back for a while. The noodle was indeed too soft and not enjoyable. The broth was quite tasty but too bland, no thickness or richness, only oily. The meat didn’t help either. I found it hard to believe that a restaurant from Kawano group could serve something like this, geez.

Next time I am gonna try their kushiyaki or kamameshi, maybe I won’t be disappointed! For the time being, I think I will just go there for some nice drinks 🙂

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
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