Last time when I went to Bogor with family, we visited Kedai Kita, which seems to be one of popular spots in Bogor. Well, I am not familiar at all with dining places in Bogor, and everytime we go there, we would end up in the same place again and again, Bogor Permai, because it’s quite popular for Jakartans as it also has bakery and souvenirs. 
When we reached Pangrango street where Kedai Kita is located at, the narrow street had already been very packed with cars and people who wanted to have lunch there. I didn’t expect it would be THAT crowded. My brother-in-law who brought us there, seems to always know the happening spots that I miss, so I actually felt glad that I had an opportunity to try this.
I apologize for the lower quality of the images because we didn’t bring the camera and only relied on phone camera and the results are kinda yucky as it was quite dark inside. *excuse*

The place is simple and average looking. The main dishes of Kedai Kita are their wood-fired oven pizzas and hot plate noodles. Judging from the photos on the wall, the pizzas look very tempting with loads of cheese and nice size. The prices for the food range from IDR 15K – 65K, quite cheap, right?But certainly, I didn’t want to hope too much!

I Fu Mie Special IDR 29K
It was served on a hot plate too and seriously the portion was big! The noodle is my favorite kind for i fu mie, thin and flat. When it’s fried, it becomes very crispy and easily broken, really love this. The mixed vegetables, chicken and seafood were superb too, with nice and tasty sauce.

Nasi Goreng Kambing IDR 29K
Fried rice is one of the most basic, simple Indonesian food that can be a good standard to see the food quality of a restaurant, imho. Frankly speaking, this fried rice was very good. I really like fried rice with slightly burnt aroma and dry one instead of wet one, and this perfectly suited my taste. The lamb was quite a lot and thank God it wasn’t smelly at all.

Mie Sapi Lada Hitam IDR 29K
When the hotplate came, again, we were ecstatic to see the big portion. I mean, the hotplate was entirely fulfilled by noodle, seriously. Sizzling hot and very aromatic! Same with the i fu mie, the noodle was thin and flat, just right in consistency. This hotplate was amazingly delicious! The blackpepper sauce was so strong and yummy, with lots of beef cuts and chili cuts that made it even spicier. Thumbs up!

Zuppa Soup IDR 23K
I hardly can resist whenever I see this in the menu in any restaurant so there it was. The pastry was a bit burnt like you can see in the picture, but it was good: fresh and crispy. The soup wasn’t great whatsoever, but they put lots of mozzarella cheese in it. Quite refreshing for a starter although I recommend you sharing it if you still want to order another main course for yourself!

Mie Ayam & Jamur Special Jumbo IDR 19K
We really couldn’t get enough of their noodles so I ordered this just out of curiosity. It was okay, like homemade noodle with chunks of chicken and mushrooms stir-fried with soy sauce or something. There is also regular size priced at IDR 16K only.

Lasagna Bolognaise (Medium) IDR 42K
It looked very tempting but the taste wasn’t exactly what I predicted. It was good in certain way, they put lots of mozzarella cheese in it (and on the top), but in my opinion, what makes a good lasagna is the red sauce. The sauce was too sweet and lacking of thickness. Although the medium one wasn’t so big, we couldn’t finish it in the end because we were quite fed up by it.

Calzone Margarita IDR 34K
The calzone was actually very good, and (again) big. Loaded with cheese, the calzone was like a total heaven for cheese lovers. When we cut it through, it was amazing to see the cheese inside that made the calzone looked like it was gonna explode, LOL!

Beef Pepperoni Pizza IDR 60K
Okay, so this is their signature dish, the wood-fired oven pizza!! To be honest, I really couldn’t tell the difference, but this was nice! The pizza was kinda thick, with nice crusts and soft bread. The beef pepperoni were really something, they were scattered everywhere on the pizza, then covered by loads and loads of mozzarella cheese. You know, by this time, I was kinda sick of mozzarella cheese, but thanks God, the beef pepperoni saved the day! It had this nice, smoky aroma, and made the pizza tasted very good!

Es Soda Gembira IDR 11K & Es Jeruk Kelapa IDR 15K
Things I love about this kind of place is usually they serve many kinds of drinks. We tried the Soda Gembira (usually red syrup and milk mixed with soda) and the Jeruk Kelapa (coconut orange), which is a coconut inside freshly squeezed orange juice. The drinks were alright, I just disliked the dirty glasses, that’s all.


Homemade Ice Cream Durian IDR 17K & Tutti Fruitti IDR 21K
Apparently, they also serve homemade ice cream with the brand OLLINO which I didn’t even know about until that very day. I tried the durian one and it wasn’t disappointing at all. What I like about Bogor is I actually can find much much better durian ice cream everywhere around there rather than Jakarta. And this one was made from real durian and it was like I ate frozen durian, not essence. The other one was the Tutti Fruitti, made from real strawberries so it was sweet and sour.

Overall, my dining experience in Kedai Kita was a great one. It could get too hot and humid inside, though, so be prepared. And because the concept is a bit like “kedai” or stall, so don’t be surprised if you see cats wandering around your chair while you eat. And portions of everything are big, so sharing is love! 🙂

*All prices are subject to 10% government tax

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